The Dark Swan

The Dark Swan

I shake, I hide, I stammer

I strut, I sway, I falter

The dark calls me

Like a siren song my heart is drawn

I am drowning underneath all the masks

Reaching for a cool breath of air on my skin

“Who am I?” I cry

And the deep echoes

The sounds rolling till I am under

Every face is me, I am every side

The black whispers

It’s music drifting

Pulling me, luring me

Who am I?

Who do I have to be?

An unbroken step and I am over the edge

Embracing the shadows where light fades

Finally I see my reflection and it’s not pretty

And as the black swan swallows me whole

I wonder for a moment, “If I had been free, who would I be”

I wonder who am I?

2 thoughts on “The Dark Swan” by Hadassah (@Ebubechi1)

  1. when I heard the poem being read on smooth FM tonight, I was pushed to come and reread because I found it so interesting…. u really did a good one on this

    1. Hi.. Sorry for the late response. Thanks for the kind words

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