Song Of A Small Man

Song Of A Small Man

Some called me short
Others called me dwarf
All I know is that I am unique.

People leave whatever they are doing just to see me
They talked and talked in low tones
Wondering how small a man like me could be
I looked at myself and say, if I wasn’t like this, nobody would know I passed by.

Children called themselves from football fields
They laughed and called me baba kukuru(short man)
I am their fantasy in the day
I smiled because I know my image would soon torment them
And make them unable to sleep at night.

Some called me demon
And others associated me with all night terrors
I just laughed and laughed, because it is a sign that I was noticed.

I am small compared to the rest
I am quicker on some events than their best
Call me wherever pleases you
It is a sign of my uniqueness.

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