Reviving Educational System

Reviving Educational System

The education system in Nigeria

needs a total revolution and re-branding.

We need an education system that will

accommodate our cultural values.


Our culture should be rooted in our education

for if education is the foundation of every modern society

then it shouldn’t be treated lightly

the way the Nigerian government treats it


The American dream which houses

what America stands for

is embedded in it education system,

the dream that you can be anything you want

but in Nigeria reverse is the case.
The Nigerian education system

frustrate, strangle and sniff the life out of your dream

You dare not like Obasi Shaw

submit a rap album as your final year thesis

you will be labeled a fool that has spent his entire years

in the university learning nothing, but they would clap and award you

if your final year is a well recycle old ideology.
The world is changing and as long

as we continue to study things that don’t fit

into the Nigerian culture we will always be a third world country

we need new ideas fresh brain to  take on educational portfolios

not the old brains tied to practice and mere traditions

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