Butterfly Blues (4)


Benjamin got to Bankole’s place, amongst the friends, Bankole was the only one still a bachelor with a bachelor’s pad. The guys were not really pleased that he was not married, but they did not encourage him either, because his apartment still afforded the title of a hangout where all of the guys could come to relax and have a timeout. Two of the guys even maintained rooms in the apartment and used the place as a fuck pad, Bankole did not mind, they contributed part of the rent. All the guys had keys to the apartment, so Benjamin did not have to knock to gain access into the apartment. Inside he heard Bankole’s voice loud in the shower, singing the chorus of Silk’s song ‘Freak Me’

“Let me lick you up and down, till you say stop! Let me play with your body baby, make you feel hot”

Benjamin went to the bathroom, asking “Wetin dey make you happy this morning?” as he opened the door. The sight that met his eyes threw him a bit off balance. Bankole was on his knees, naked in the shower, his face buried in the crotch of a naked woman standing over him with one of her legs slightly raised, her head thrown back in obvious ecstasy. Benjamin stared at them, apparently this was not first time he had stumbled upon Bankole doing one of his numerous takeaways or strays as he fondly referred to the ladies Bankole usually brought home from clubs, so he was not really shocked. The only sounds that passed his lips were “Err.., umm” whilst his brain did a quick face scan on the woman, to determine whether he had seen this one before or not. Bankole was not even aware that he stood there, but the woman did. As she reached for a towel, Benjamin muttered an apology and went out.

Benjamin went to the sitting room and turned on the television. Bankole came out moments later to join him with just a towel around him

“You this stupid boy, I thought you said you were alone!” Benjamin shot at him immediately “That you didn’t have any strays over”

With raised brows and a smile playing at the corner of his lips Bankole responded “Did I? Are you sure you heard me right? Besides Bimpe no be stray, this nah the third time she dey come here, so she don graduate from stray”

“I hear you, tell me something wey I never hear before”

“Serious! I think I’ve finally found the one, this one different from all the others, I mean, I feel complete around her and always long to see her, did you see that arse? In-short, I’m in love!” Bankole chuckled at himself just thinking of what he had just said. Benjamin only stared at him and shook his head.

“Come don’t shake your head at me, I believe you have bigger issues than I do presently” Bankole sneered accusingly “Give me the situation report”.

Benjamin only stared at him a while before answering “You know you have a problem, don’t you?”

“Are you deaf and stupid at the same time? I asked you for the situation report” Bankole barked.

Benjamin fell back into the couch he was sitting on “Guy! I dunno oh! We spoke a while ago, she’s supposed to call me soon or later in the day to say where we can meet. I told Ify that I was going to the office to finish off on some work, and would probably end up here later in the day”

“Sharp man, but I think you are unnecessarily letting this thing take you to the edge, it’s not like you are doing anything wrong, no be just talk you want follow am talk? No be say anything go happen nah, just dey give yourself high BP”

“That’s the thing, it’s not supposed to disturb me, but guy as I see am yesterday, I weak, the fact that she and Ify come dey the same place again”

“But come oh, this is six years ago that we are talking about, you supposed don free the babe mentally, physically and spiritually. I’m sure even Ify go understand say this na long time ago. Just relax, go and see the babe. If you want make I follow you as back up, no shaking”

Benjamin laughed at this and directed his attention back at the television, as Bankole left him to go put on some clothes. Bimpe walked into the room, dressed in a very low cut gown that fitted onto her body like a second skin. She muttered a greeting, barely audible at Benjamin, indicating that she was clearly upset about something. He returned the greeting, loud and clear with a big smile, wondering to himself if she was upset at him because he had just seen her naked or because he had just witnessed his friend conducting an upward drill between her legs, or just maybe Bankole had upset her before she came out. He truly did not care, he was not in the mood for any sort of familiarization, knowing Bankole, the longest he had ever been in a relationship was a month, so this was probably the first and last time he would see this one. Bankole was unfortunately blessed with good looks and money that he exploited to the fullest, so he would probably have another girl by the end of the month. He focused his attention back at the television. She mentioned something about what was showing on the television as being boring, he was not listening, she went for the remote control and with just a “I want to change the channel” she switched channels. In a dumbfounded spell, Benjamin stared at the screen, and wondered whether letting her have a piece of his mind would be worth it. He chose not to. He got up and went inside to Bankole.

“Come, where you see this one wey no get home training”

“Hahaha….. wetin happen? Abeg no mind am, she dey vex say I dey dispatch am as per you dey around. I tell am say, me and you get very personal business talk, and we need to be alone. Say I go come pick am dis evening. She come dey vibrate dey form vex, dey ask how you take be, wey I dey put you before her”

Benjamin laughed at this

Bankole continued “I told her ‘baby, that guy you are looking at, is blood of my blood, my brother from another mother, my right hand and he’s going to be my best man. So if you want to be a part of my life, you’d better start making him like you too’.”

“Abeg, abeg, abeg, this one no get manners”

“Please, give her some time, she go adjust. That yansh too set to just throway! Meanwhile, let me see her off. I dey come”

Benjamin stayed inside till Bankole and Bimpe were out of the house before coming out the room and headed for the kitchen to conjure up something to eat, the guys always made sure the place was stocked up with food. Bankole came back moments later and joined him in the kitchen. He cursed Bimpe under his breath for not knowing how to cook and not even making plans for food. They talked, had breakfast and played video games till afternoon, when Benjamin’s phone rang and they saw it was Tolu. They looked at each other, Bankole querying him “Aren’t you going to answer the call?” He picked and answered the call, spoke to Tolu for about a minute as Bankole eyed him curiously. He hung up and heaved a big sigh.

“The Café, off Femi Pearce, she said she’ll be there in about twenty minutes.”

“Correct! Coded place, less chance of you running into anyone that might know you, on a weekend. The babe still got skills” Bankole said with a mischievous smile on his face. “Can I tag along, I mean, even if not for anything, make I just see that babe again, whether those nipples still dey overshow themselves no matter the weather, abi nah the yansh!”

“Fuck you, go and look at Bimpe’s nipples, idiot!” Benjamin retorted as he got up. “Let me go and confront my demons” he said jumping and rolling his head. “If I get a hard-on, I run!” he smiled at the thought.

“Please make I follow you go nah!” Bankole still pleaded.

Benjamin ignored him, going out the house to his car. The drive to the place was not very long, on the way he kept pushing out of his head the thought of what he was doing as some sort of tryst. He was just going to meet her, talk a bit and go back to his life, they could be very good friends even, he was just going to see an old friend, nothing more.

He got to The Café, he had never been there before, so it seemed a little strange to him as he entered the place. He was just beginning to wonder who would be having beverages at a café at this time of the day on a weekend on the Island, when he noticed that it the place had a number of customers, mostly foreigners. A quick scan of the faces around him yielded a negative result, he noticed an entrance leading further into the café and went straight through it. In there, were only two people, Tolu sat a table at the corner of the room. She looked up at him the very moment he entered and gave him that ever familiar smile that always melted his heart any time she smiled. He went over to her table feeling a bit awkward, like that night long ago on their first date, he began to reach out his hand to her to shake her hands, but she jumped off her seat and hugged him tightly, taking him quite unexpectedly. He had his hands hanging on his sides for a while, before he returned the hug. She buried her face in his neck, breathing in the scent of him

“Oooh, I’ve missed you” she said

Benjamin said nothing but felt his whole being melt into this body that had once mesmerized him and obviously still did, as he smelt her hair. He noticed the other person in the room scrutinizing their embrace from the corner of his eyes and pulled himself gently away from Tolu. He looked at her now, at how simply dressed she was in a white blouse and brown pants that were not figure hugging. Bankole would have been disappointed, he thought to himself. Compared to last night that he avoided direct eye contact, he looked at her fully in the face, taking in every contour and her eyes, other than being a bit fuller, she had not changed a bit. She seemed amused as he studied her, for a smile played on the corner of her lips. She reached and kissed him fully on his lips. He could not resist, for his body yielded before his mind could react. A long drawn kiss, before she pulled back from him glowing, still with a smile on her face. She took his hand and pulled him down to sit, his hands between her palms. He could see the glint in her eyes that showed she was truly happy to see him.

“I honestly don’t how to explain it, I saw you last night, I wanted to scream and run into your arms. I don’t believe I stayed this long without you” she said.

“You didn’t look it” he retorted, sarcasm in his tone. He wondered why he was so afraid to meet her before.

She smiled at this “At least I did better than you, you looked like you were about to shit in your pants. How was I supposed to act, with my husband and your wife present? If you hadn’t dashed off into the gents, I was hoping I could steal you away from the party even if it was for a moment”

“I wasn’t about to shit in my pants, I was just very uncomfortable, the kind of uncomfortable a man gets when he sees someone he used to be so crazy about after six years and he just happens to be with his wife”

“Naaaah, you really looked like were about to shit in your pants” she said laughing. He laughed a bit with her and then asked.


“Please don’t spoil the moment, so very happy to be with you right now” she replied, “Let’s talk about that later, right now, I just want to hold you and do naughty things with you, as in that’s how fluttery my body is feeling right now”

“Tolu, you left me hanging, devastated, heartbroken!”.

Tolu interrupted him, “That’s just it! You were catching feelings, I was catching feelings! That wasn’t supposed to happen. We could not be like that, I mean, I couldn’t. Leaving you almost killed me, but I had to. I was already engaged to someone else, so there was no way you and I could go down that path”

Benjamin looked at her inquiringly, she responded “Yes, I was already engaged to Mr. Ogundipe back then, not that we were together or anything. It was more of a business arrangement between my dad and some people with Mr. Ogundipe, still don’t know the full details but a very large sum of money was involved. Knowing my dad, he would have just killed me if I had refused. So I had to go along with them. You were supposed to be just fun along the way, but things happened differently, I had to leave and I couldn’t bring my heart to tell you.”

Benjamin only heaved a sigh, and after a moment said “Okay”

“Does that mean we are good? All is forgiven? We can move on?” Tolu said pleadingly her hands partially covering her face.

Benjamin sighed again “Still don’t know what to say”

Tolu got up and sat on his lap, rubbing her nose against his, said “Baby, you already said ‘Okay’, let’s put all that behind us”. She kissed him before he could say anything, and again Benjamin’s body responded to stimuli without the consent of his brain. This time, he pulled her closer to him, his hand firmly rubbing against her breast, totally lost in the kiss.

A loud cough from the third party in the room, brought them back to the café. They laughed at each other for forgetting themselves, as she got back on her seat.

“I have a private apartment not too far from here, let’s go there” she said


“I got a place where I can be just by myself once in a while, I want us to go there”

Benjamin only nodded, already getting up, but his brain kicked in this time ‘Ify! What the hell was he doing?’ he asked himself, he was supposed to be running from this, and at the same time turning down Tolu’s request seemed to be more difficult than walking through a brick wall. In that brief moment of getting up, a great battle was waging between Angel-Benjamin and Demon-Benjamin on Benjamin’s shoulders. He sat down back on the chair. He looked at his watch, and told Tolu, he had to go home. He had not planned to stay out long, and would not want his wife looking for him. He saw how sad she had become as he said this to her. He reached for her and kissed her, he promised her they would get together during the week, and he would surely reach her before then. He got up holding her hand, and left. As he got to his car, he did not know whether to declare what just happen a victory or a loss. He did not feel happy, but he was glad he did not go with Tolu. He needed to get home.



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