The Goal Of Friendship

The Goal Of Friendship


The Goal Of Friendship

‘He is my friend’….. ‘

She is nice and so, perfect that’s why we are friends’

Hi am Ajibade Pelumi Raymond (Joe Raymond) and today I’ll will be speaking on an article with the above tittle… ENJOY
Having a friend is one of the best feeling in the world, knowing u’ve got someone out there who is ready to listen to you, challenge you, motivate you to do things you scared of doing….. Someone, someone you can feel safe with always….. All this feels right doesn’t it? But what happens when this FRIENDSHIP a thing happens for the worst of reasons?????????????




Anyone can be a friend, can be a partner, but I will define a friend as “Someone Who Is Willing To Defend You, Inspire You, Criticize You, Not Only Criticize You But Always Ready To Tell You The Truth When Needed, And Also Someone Who Won’t Leave You When It All Comes Crashing Down”..

Being in an intimate conversation with anther individual does not mean you have found a friend, all because He/She listens to you. People listen for different reasons, some for fun, some for deceit, some  just listen because they’ve got nothing else to do, not because they want to or are interested in whatever you’ve got to say to them…. So you might want to re-think your view whenever someone SEEMS to be listening to you.




Why do I need to befriend someone, am perfectly okay by myself, I can survive….

Everyone need someone in their life at some point in time.. So wondering if you need a friend is okay, there is no harm in that.. But your fear shouldn’t hold you back from going out to socialize.. You are right to ask yourself if you need or will ever need a friend… FRIENSHIP is fun, so yes you do need a friend, a companion, but never let your friendship blind you to the truth of it all, you should still remain vigilant to all happening around you… If making friends contradicts your personal goal of friendship, BACK-OUT…

The Goal of friendship should be plain, simple, smooth, productive, not selfish or for companionship only and also not for sexual feelings…

And yes you do need a FRIEND, A TRUE FRIEND…




Friends looks out for each other, with no interior motives in friendship there must be natural likeness, even if the feelings come avoid it. In friendship there must be love ,respect, trust , prayer, you share ideas ,help each others to grow…good friendship don’t support evil, backbiting, they don’t hide secret, they don’t envy, they catch fun, they play together, they make jokes, they argue, insult and settle

Not being lost, share ideas, help each other in lifting one up…….

If friendship contradicts your goal of friendship from the start, LET SUCH FRIENDSHIP GO………………………………………………………………………………………..





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  1. Insightful! Now, I know why I got married to my wife. My bestie for life. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the positive review

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