I Wish Life Is Fair

I Wish Life Is Fair


I wish Life is fair

I was forced out from a tiny hole,
Cutting short, my 9 months enjoyment,
The muscles and the flesh holding and pushing me weakened gradually,
I was emotionally drained and I shrieked,
I couldn’t opened my eyes,
The moment I was completely forced out was the scariest moment of my life,
I felt a strange woman lying helplessly on the bed, with her both legs hanged,
Shrieking, Torn apart, looking scattered, all her 5 senses running water, sweat gushing out like a broken pipe.
I couldn’t open my mouth to say sorry,
I only pitied her by crying out loud.
The first news broken to me by the man that held me was that the woman looking helplessly on the bed half dead is my Mother.
What?!!!, how can? ….. I cried the more.

I wish Life is Fair.

I grew to start learning difficulty and different sounds apart from crying,
My parent were proud of me as I opened my mouth to make the “Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta sound,
I started learning by listening to the sound of my immediate environment,
I learnt to stand up alone and take a step myself,
That’s where it all started.

I wish Life is Fair.

I was forced to go to a strange place different from my home,
Where I met different faces with different mindset, belief, mentality, ideas, knowledge, culture, skills, styles, looks, way of life, size, dressing and backgrounds.
They call it A School.
I was forced to learn different subjects close to 15 in numbers,
Who cares?
I survived the early childhood education,
To start another level of learning,
No choice than to follow what the society say coming directly through my parent,
I start the next school with my innocent mind,
Hoping to see what i have enjoyed in my previous learning,
But my heart was broken
Myself and all the kids with me looking navette (french)
Seeing different faces to teach me and the other,
Each taking turns
To teach Necessary and Unnecessary subject and topics,
Each having different strenght, knowledge, skills, ideas, technical know-out, resources and time management skills, with personal problems reflecting on their voices.

I wish Life is fair.

I survived the first and the second phrase of school,
I gained admission into the University after several attempts re-sitting for O Level results.
I was happy and proud for the new progress,
But I was dark to the fact that I was going to a place that would force sweat off me,
The picture wasn’t clear @ all.
I entered and my Life changed.
I slept in school several of times,
Enjoyment the harsh weather of the cold,
Whining with the wicked breeze of the night,
Dazzling on the desk with flies,
Telling Tales by the moonlight stories to the mosquitoes.
I broke down many times with heavy sickness,
Sickness I accommodated from stress, starvation and survival,
I turned to a beggar just to feed myself,
I joined the labourers club just to buy lecturers materials to read for fear of losing marks,
I went to bed many times with nothing inside of me,
I attended lectures and attack stress with an empty stomach times without number,
I dressed averagely, and live a simple life because my mind has been threatened and comb towards the availability of bad gangs here and there,
Sometimes, I denied myself some sleep,
Most times, I cheat nature and dare my eyes to open all night long,
I sacrificed a lot to enjoy the hardship of school (University, Secondary, Primary, and early childhood education)
I went through hell to make a learning in school,
” I am not talking about those that are born with the golden spoon, I am talking about those that lost their wooden spoon in transit”.

I wish Life is Fair.

I graduated with a Pass,
Who am I to frown at my result,
Who do I even want to frown at?


-Tried my best
-Went through hell with stress, anxiety, worry, depression, and additional expenses that go with them.
-It was mandatory for me to participate in each learning activities because I was told by the society that without it, my Life, my Existence.

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