Buried in our love garden

Buried in our love garden

Hold hands and walk without noticing others are driving away with Hummer

Drink beer,dance all night with her in an exclusive lounge without noticing the ones down with champagne

Play pool ,drink, sing and dance at home while others are doing weekend Owambe

Walk the beach and burn calories while other are in fancy restaurants eating and accumulating calories

Jump and jog with her while others jumping from one relationship to another

Play and pray with her while others are pushing and partying ways

We travel the country sides giving while others are shopping to be envied

Stand,clap while she is honored

She smiles and claps while I pitch investors on national television

She hums and sings in the kitchen while I am ironing her home made clothes

I lose,she smiles, consoles me and pray for another opportunity

She is in pain,I cancel multi-million naira meeting just to be with her

Sit,hold hands  and pray with her while  Jr.  leads his team to victory

Spend time together teaching our kids how to live happily like us

Teach our grand kids how to sew,cook,fish, plant  and harvest in our 50 hectares retirement home

Died,buried side by side in our love garden, resurrected on the last day and meet our Lord in Heaven.




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