Biafra Freedom

Biafra Freedom


I prefer to apprehend the injustice I see
Cruel I feel it may seize
Why the frame on fire?
Then we lived on hire
We pray to the mighty one on high
Let our hunger taste for glory seems victorious
Let our children learn from our past mysterious
Which lead us to insubordinate hunger for power?
We need to cry without tears in front of our enemies
No remorse should be spar
No act should be seized
Let our anger go off our mind
Let peace be our daily meal
Let struggle for the pence
Let hold on to peace
Fight with the aim of making our own stay
Fight to upgrade what our own kept
We are the fighters from white to us
Know we fight from us to us
What gain shall it be?
If we destroy what we have built for years
With the fight to be on our own

We need to think and act
Not to sit and fight
We need to make what we have greater
Not to start another
But to stand together
And make it greater
Let us plan like others
And make it like others
Let our delay not kill our future
Let our creativities be our targets
Let our plead for freedom in our own end
Where are we to go?
What are we to eat?
We are lazy managing with what we have
Now we want to abandon it for others
Why we start another
Are we sure we can make it?
Are we sure of the promises made?
Am afraid but to stay and see

See our industry refined
Our market growing big
Our pulses full of money
Recognized with quality and efficiency

Our dignity our pride
To uphold our honor
To foster our sorrows past
To create magnificent anxiety
To honor her pride
To be faithful as thieves
To struggle for our own not for all
To make poverty lead
To create a steady fight for power
Here we pledged for freedom of her pride
We accused others why we are the cause
We execute no project we budgeted
Why we are in our prime
We do scare the killing
Why we struggle to fight
We destroy what we suffer to build
Where is our conscience?
Why are we supporting those that needs power of their own
We need to be wise not to seen as fools
What we are looking for will take years to stand
Let think like of the old
Let our poverty ends not in our head
Let our anger turn to our hope
Let that hope be our end source

Flash back the memories
Let it rain in our vain
Let the hint be our hit
For the journey so far
Let spare the spare
And play to pay
For anger pays not than peace
Let ague not with words called freedom
For we are freedom it’s self
Let stop the selfish power tussle
For it affects and hurts the poor more
Let our personality be our personality
Our pride our pride
Let cook and eat in one pot
Let the power tussle end
Let the peace we pleaded years back reign
As the write says
“We are nothing but black monkeys”
But we are something than everything

Let give a second chance
Not to believe in the fools decision
Rather do what we feel is right
For we all misbehave at times
Peace and unity as our logo stands
Not to start another quota
Fro we are strong as we are
Let this rain stop
Let sun shine
Let the beautiful nature of ours
Bless our inner skull
For a better thinking than fighting
We are the giant of our kind
Why to step low to what we are
This is one man fight for power
Not for freedom for the poor
Let our eye open to see the future outcome
Chilled off our pride
Let stop the word “BIAFRA FREEDOM”
For we are the head of our course

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