Who is to blame?

Who is to blame?

mr was met julian at a church crusade and fell for her instantlty. He asked her out and she accepted. She gave a condition:there would be no sex, no romance,no kissing. He agreed hoping she would soon change her mind.

Julian was the church girl. The type who could memorise the bible verses. . She was a strong and active deeper life member. She would not make her hair or wear earings. Above all she was a virgen .

They dated for months. Jude trying to persuade her to give in fell on deaf ears.one particular day,jude urge was so high that he had to masturbate in her presence

jude appeal to permit him to seek sexual pleasure else twhere was rebluf.

‘i have the gift of vision and you knowt it. If you cheat on me, the holyspirit would reveal it to me..that is the end of us

jude was in bondage. No sex,no prostivtion,no mastubati6n,no doubledating.

But jude still loves her.he had to learn to adapt. She gradualy learnt the act of supresing his urge.he no longer thought of sex. He began to hate sex. Two years past jude hasnt slept with anyone

the third year they got married, julian was looking forward to her first 7ex experience.she tried to initiate it bv jude was not interestf. Jude finaly obliged to her presure.but wouldnt have an erectim

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