The 21st century

The 21st century

The 21st Century

I enjoyed every bit of the bliss

I swum amidst the jolly flakes Of corn plantations.

I was with Àdùké

When I felt a crippling force was

Greedily squeezing breath out of me.

My sockets were no longer stable

As my balls were almost arid

And stressed out. I think it was the cough that really

Kicked me out of that room


I woke to find my mum’s

Weight on my delicate bones;

Dad’s iron fist on my milky gums

Mum’s breath with dad’s was

The only comfort they gave me


The aroma that came from the breathy merger

Was unrhythmic as the breathy sounds

Lacks Euphoria of some sort, more like Cacophony.

I was placed in the middle of this estranged war.

I asked mum,

“Why are you sleeping when mama Àdùké is busy bathing Àdùké?”

I asked dad,

“why are you sleeping when Baba Àdùké Is rushing to work for Àdùké?”


No response was forth coming

I retired to fate and almost turned back

To my horrid position

When all of a sudden like Troy

The silence was pierced with

The craggy voice of Tramadol

“Why do I need to work, son, My *maga will drop soon”

When I thought that was the peak of madness

Then came a tiny voice of Codine

“Who needs water to bath you my son, you have 80% of water flowing through you”

I was teary at this junction I still felt there was need

To ask another question

Before I resign completely to fate

With their gaze fixed on me like

A prey to its game

“what century is this?”

In unison they replied

“the twenty first century”


I turned my head westward

Cushioned It with my palms

Rapped in a prayer mode

And cried to my hearts content

Facing the 15th century

When normalcy still abound

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