I cooked regret in my own pot and bought pain with my own money

When I got to the market last week, my eyes swiftly swayed and was caught by a beautiful tomato stall, and the said tomato wasn’t in my list. It was unusual, and was as though a spell was cast on me. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I had passed that stall more than trice without any reasons. Something struck my mind and it echoed silently in my ears
‘Haven’t you heard how some mysteries rule the markets?’

I never believed that previously, but this one was confirmed. You too would have confirmed that; if not, you surely will someday. So as I was uncontrollably gallivanting in front of this tomato stall, I caught my mouth widely opened without my knowledge, and I suddenly gasp some drops of water crawling down my lips. That’s one part of the event I didn’t understand,
‘Why was I salivating?’ I asked me.
As I was about extending my hands to those beautiful tomatoes, something tapped my shoulder, it was something I wasn’t sure of, but I knew it had something to tell me. It said to me, ‘Look there’. It wanted me to look at a different direction.

I ignored that. Not quite long, my eyes was again caught by another tomato stall. This stall was filled with brutally structured tomatoes, and heaven knew that I didn’t like them at all. I frowned at them as though they were human, and they even winked and smiled at me. That pissed me, and I hated them more. I didn’t hesitate to continue with the one I had fallen in love with, and in fact concluded to buy more of it.
You needed to have seen these tomatoes – you couldn’t have left them if you were there; I mean, no one could let them go. So I had no option than to woo them – I prized them desperately even when I knew I was buying them with no motives. What then can I say? I didn’t know what came over me. All other things I was supposed to buy were ignored.
When I got home, I couldn’t help it than to do whatever I didn’t have in mind to do with the tomatoes. After much thoughts, I realized that I shouldn’t have engaged with them because I wasn’t ready to buy them. They should have been bought someday in future – when it would be needed, not now. Not quite long, I had a conviction that nothing was going to happen – that was a relief though. I continued with the tomatoes. When I had them all cut and washed, I had just one good and well-behaved left, out of forty tomatoes. I guess that one was the last opportunity I had to correct my mistakes next time. Hmm, I just waited all my time and money on those, so sad and pity. I regretted it.

The beauty of those tomatoes betrayed me, and made me ignore those I thought were ugly beyond measures. After awhile, a neighbour who engaged with those supposed ugly tomatoes narrated how they served her well without anyone found ugly.
‘Oh! I shouldn’t have judged them from the outside, they’re beautiful in the inside…’
I was pondering on this mistake before I woke up from sleep, and lo, it was a dream.

One thought on “I cooked regret in my own pot and bought pain with my own money” by Onyeuche Godson (@Godson@Pen)

  1. seyi ajibona (@seyiajibona)

    nice piece. Believe me, humans can be ugly out and beautiful inside but such cannot be said for tomatoes. If its ugly out, it is bad in.

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