Your Life

I opened my eyes to find seven cruel looking monsters beating up a dwarf clothed in a white that was drenched by blood. His face bled from several cuts all over. He remained at a place while heavy punches kept crushing his supposedly handsome face. He was totally powerless. I made to scream but the words seemed stuck in my throat, it was the fear of meeting the same fate as the poor dwarfed man, and the fear of who these people were and how they came to be in my room. But then small man would die if I just sat back shivering. I let out a deafening ‘Stoooooop!!!’ and they paused and twirled to my direction.

“Yes our Lord” they bowed down simultaneously in submission.

My eyes widened in utter disbelief. Just what was going on here? ‘Their Lord’ ? Me? How?

“What do you mean? How did I become your Lord? How can I become a Lord of seven cruel demons? How can I? And what wrong has that young boy done to you?”

“You chose us, fed us, housed us, and clothed us. You are our Lord. We have and will serve you until death does a parting. You have ordered that we beat this wretched thing who has refused to leave your house untill he dies. And although he proves headstrong and frustratingly unyielding, we swear that by our hands he shall die tonight”

“No! I can’t do that. Order you to kill a poor thing? I certainly cannot! What are you saying? How did I house you? I don’t even own a house. Who are you?”

“We live in your heart. We are your personal advisers. This wretched thing has been struggling to take our place in your heart, but we shall kill and throw him into the abyss”

“You’ve chosen worthless people to oversee the matters of your heart and life, you’ve chosen demons over angels, you’ve chosen evil over righteousness, and soon they will kill you.” It was the faint voice of the battered dwarf.

“We’ll kill you first!”

“No you won’t! You’ll die in his stead, you cruel beasts”

“Then you’ll die with us!” They clenched their fists and began advancing towards my position. And then I woke up. It was a dream.

But then it was the reality. My dirty life and plenteous sins had almost beaten out the good spirit in my conscience, and its voice had become so faint that I could hardly hear a thing it said.

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  1. A thoughtful One. I really enjoyed it. Thanks!

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