Heaven’s Gate

Take a walk through the garden,
By the river filled with milk and honey,
Go straight never turn left or right,
Down the narrow path filled with thorns and barbs,

Don’t heed the words of the snake!
Else you stray from your fate,
Let its words slither like water from your back,
Peel it from your soul like the tree’s bark,

Be of clean body ,soul and mind,
And good tidings you shall find,
You’ll receive the strength of a ghoul,
Be wary of the battles to come,

Tread carefully on the golden roads,
Glistening off the sun like a phoenix’s breath,
The pearly gates of New Jerusalem,
Be filled with joy for you have found heaven’s gate,

Cast away your worries with haste,
There’s praise to be given to the most high,
Woe be onto thee with thy mind filled with hate,
For you shall never find heaven’s gate.

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