We were always at loggerheads

A picturesque memory,

Some said it was love,

Some said it was hate,

We denied having any feelings,

Now our hearts needs healing,

The soft stuttering of my heart,

A rhythm to the hate-love song,

Or maybe somewhere in between,

My happiness fueled only by your anger,

A slight bargain for change,

Maybe of your feelings for me,

Sometimes we are best friends,

Sometimes we are enemies,

Sometimes we are lovers,

Kiss me with your poison stained ruby red lips,

Sweet pain you give me,

Massaging my scalp with your talons,

Droplets of tears shaped like pearls of many colors,

Never to grace my face for the world to see,

They stay shinning in the deepest corners of my mind,

Glistening with purity like a thousand diamonds.

One thought on “Frenemies” by dimanol (@dImanol)

  1. A good contrast of both worlds. Though I feel you should have done more with it.I feel it was too subtle. That’s ma view. All the same well done.

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