You stand in church and most times educate
People are blessed by the words you relate

For every question that proves challenging
From your mouth proceeds answers amazing

‘Can you please stop it, don’t condemn yourself’
A voice speaks loudly from your spirit self

You scan through your words of wisdom again
Out of your light flows down unpleasant rain

You heard the voice clearly saying those days
That the path you tread will lead you astray

Pleasure you felt then swept you off your feet
Week in week out you run into mischief

Habit they say is so easy to form
Very hard it is to run away from

Nkechi, Doyin, Hadiza, Eno
Okwuchi, Akin, Yahaya, Udoh

Apart from them you also do yourself
Day in day out you mess up with yourself

‘Oh lord have mercy’, you cry in despair
Clearly says the voice ‘you lack Godly fear’

‘Tomorrow I bet you’ll do it again’
‘How do I win lord’, you cry out in pain

‘Not by might nor by power’, saith the Lord
‘This is my specialty become a son

Accept Jesus Christ child, and do my will
I’ll see you through as long as you believe

You know the truth but you’re north and it’s south
Many have been saved by words from your mouth

Reduce your efforts and let mine increase
keep in touch always and I’ll give you peace’

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