Facebooktizer: A Tale of Hunger

Facebooktizer: A Tale of Hunger

Tolu, my friend, was from a wealthy home. Now that we’re on strike, I think she’s the only I would visit especially now that she just posted a pix on Facebook. The food was tantalising-Indomie garnished with great spices and she posted ‘Morning food’.

Hurriedly, I sent her Bbm ‘Bae, I’m coming to your place….’
She replied that she would be expecting me.
I did my work and rushed to her place, imagining the indomie and everything that I would eat since UI had restricted me to Agbowo and lot of Garri. I met her outside, bent and looking morose.

Whatever was wrong with her, she would be fine.
‘Why you kon bendown for there? Abeg wey dat indomie?’
I said and ran into the house with joy.
The moment, I got to her pot I discovered two things- the pot was washed and Tolu was vomiting.

‘ Tolu….’I screamed in anger and fear. ‘ What’s wrong with you?’
I said as I got out as against where’s the remaining indomie I wanted to say.
But I had to stop as I saw her vomitting pelted Eba.

‘ What…What.. What is this?’
Tolu had always boasted of never taking swallow.
‘ I don’t know?’
‘ But this is Eba’
‘ I don’t take swallow’
‘What’s this?’
‘ I don’t take swallow… I ate indomie this morning..Didn’t you see the pics on Fb’.

‘ I did but this is Eba’.
‘I don’t take…’
At that instant, an old neighbour of Tolu passed.
‘ Aunty Tolu, the Eba you poured in the gutter has blocked it o..Oya go and wash it with water’.

Tolu stared at me. I stared at her, and at Mama Agba with my mouth opened. I wheeled around and returned to her room, frustrated as the hungry worms in my stomach kept rumbling for Indomie.

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