White Shadow

White Shadow

The very moment you were born something was deposited inside you. It goes with you anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes unconsciously it reveals itself and people around you may notice, often than not you likely would not notice.

Your sustainability on earth depends on how well you allow it to grow.

Scientists call it natures gift, I call it God’s blessing.

I grew up knowing that you are solemnly responsible for your life, you are in charge. Whichever way you live it the consequence and results are yours to bear.

On the eve of Christmas 1994, our mum came home and just like other kids mum had bought chicken which they excitedly showed to us, we expected the same from our mum but as we rushed to greet her with hopes of collecting the bag to see chicken it was rather the unexpected which dampened our spirit.

We ate chicken once a year and that’s every Christmas but that year we didn’t and we just hid our thoughts to ourselves as we knew better not to say much about it.

We were staying in a one bedroom apartment then and the condition of the room was critical, we sometimes sleep standing on days when the rain is quite heavy as the roof had more than a dozen areas where it leaked water, and buckets are kept at different points to collect the droppings, while our luggages our moved to a corner of the room.

At times when a person comes visiting it means one or both of us will have to sleep in a neighbour’s room especially when the visitor’s are my father’s relation.

Though our father wasn’t home most times as his work takes the most of it.
But once in two weeks he comes home and we were always happy having him around, as he brings with him lots of gift and my favourite slice bread.

Our mother was a woman who always gave her everything to see us happy. Not until I was about to leave secondary school, I never really understood the sacrifices our mother had made all those years of our nursery school to secondary level.

My brother and I were very young when our mother told us that if you fail to use your time and opportunity well you will end up in that one room where mosquitoes are your neighbour and rats are your landlords.

We would laugh and she kept on saying it each time we did something that required scolding, though she yells at times but never raised her hands on us.
she would tell us how we have ruin her day and if we like to see her cry, I never liked that part when she would use the end of her wrapper to wipe her face which looked like they want to drop tears. It made us feel bad that we made her sad and she often end up saying no food for the both of you tonight, but never did.

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  1. i like the way it started like a motivational write-up. then in the middle of the story was looking for the “Natural gift” but couldnt see. though the story is non-fiction, i believe every story should be graphic. i always want to be “shown” and not just “told”. when you say the condition of the room was critical, i was to see the room and how critical it was. my opinions though. *ucheonyeadiyanjor*

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