Tumbling Boats for Ayeni Abimbola

Tumbling Boats for Ayeni Abimbola

About meadows about past,
About the time we spoke at last.
There are breezes in the sky
and you can see the delight.
About windows about trust,
About the doors around your teeth,
How we jolt around at night.
Every corner in the town
knows about our moonlight plays.
About you about me,
About how we used to be.
Every day we used to crave
for head of fish around the marketplace.
You have gone so far so time to come,
You saw tumbling boat under the sea.
You remember fast the time we had
rolling sea with paper boats
which eventually tumbles under the sea.
You followed time across my feet,
Now in time we want to travel back
across the time we really missed.

for friends who still knows how beautiful the past is…

3 thoughts on “Tumbling Boats for Ayeni Abimbola” by Adegoke Adeola (@Coolcrown)

  1. I heard everything, said and unsaid.

    This is beautiful. Very beautiful. Do keep the good work up, more space to your imaginary room.

    *teary eyed*

  2. your poem takes me on a journey. It makes me remember a friend with whom I played when I was small. Oluwasegun. Thanks for sharing this gem.

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