The Palm Tree’s Song

Palm trees dancing with the wind,

Swoosh! Swoosh! How they swing,

Perfectly aligned with the sky,

Head held proud in disguise,

Classically and musically sound,

A royalty among its kind,

Just by the turquoise seas,

Sways gently to the ocean breeze,

Oh! How it swings and sways with grace,

Never in any haste,

The soft splattering of water drops of the morning dew,

Thunk! Thunk! The rhythm of the beat,

Its voice like whispers to the world,

Sing to me palm tree in that balmy voice I love.

One thought on “The Palm Tree’s Song” by dimanol (@dImanol)

  1. adams (@coshincozor)

    i like this in a special way! this is because African have seen too much suffering and have forgotten to admire nature. so when i see a poem by an African on the natural environment i get enchanted. what engaged me more was the repetitions:
    Swoosh! Swoosh!…” “Head held…” and “Thunk! Thunk!…”
    these gave the poem a special kind of rhythm together with some “false” end rhymes. *laughes*

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