A Wooing Scene ( A Short Story)

She stood just as he sat in the seat opposite hers. He smiled. ‘ Are you afraid I’ll make you fall in love’.
She seemed rattled, eyed him and walked away. He sat still and knew she would return, for something, to show him he was not as handsome as he presumed.

He began to count time and continued even after he ordered for a drink and a pie. When he got to 250, he knew he was wrong but she would think of him that day.

Suddenly, she came back, sat opposite him and started bringing things out of bag.

‘ This is Samsung Galaxy S7, this is my Hyundai Sonata’s key, this is my duplex’s house. So no, you can’t make me fall in love with you. I fall for men of higher status’.

He had none of those, just his good looks and his mother’s rented apartment and maybe few certificates that showed a good future.

‘ But I’ve done that already. All I need now is to..’ he said and took her phone and typed his number into her phone and stored the number. ‘ put my number here’.

‘ You’re an arrogant fool’, she growled as she smatched her phone on the ground.
He stared at her, shrugged and stood from his seat. ‘ So, if we marry this is how you will destroy everything I’ll work for. But I will teach you’.
‘ I won’t fall in love with you’.

‘ Let’s meet for dinner here tomorrow’.
‘ You are stupid. See this guy o. Wetin you get. See him cut and sew trouser. idiot with no value.’
He walked out and home.

That night, a call came in. He picked the call nonchalantly.’ I’ll meet you for dinner and would show you you can’t make me fall in love’.

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  1. wow! I’ve learnt this scope : ‘ Are you afraid I’ll make you fall in love’.

    1. Akintayo Akinjide (@Divepen)

      Lol.. That can only be used by Alphamales.. Make sure you’re one oo

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