Spoils of War (18+) – E03 (The End)

Read up E01 here Read up E02 here The memories of last night were still hazy. Ms. Jane still couldn’t think clearly. In fragments, images of Bane ramming her flickered through her mind. For each image she saw her heart skipped a beat: the guilt of having Hugo besides her caused that. “Are you alright?” … Continue reading Spoils of War (18+) – E03 (The End)

The Other Side of Brightness

Chapter One I’ve always wondered about anniversaries. Birthdays, weddings, death anniversaries. But birthdays, most especially. Maybe that’s because I never celebrated one, or because it took a very, very long time before I even knew what a birthday was. Either way, I wasn’t terribly awed with the idea of commemorating something that had happened years … Continue reading The Other Side of Brightness