With a sound of thunder the mist clears from the skies
As with a shout sweats mixed with tears drops from my eyes
Like a chef i do not rest
Because the world expects only the best
As knives and spoons i am making dishes
So with pen and paper i am granting wishes
Hours spent sweats and blood passing through fire and heat
A penny spent on every thought released
Can no man match and even defeat
Cutting and slicing with vigorous slashes
Perfection rises like a phoenix from its ashes
Alas a table I set before for all
A taste lingering has every man drooling in awe
Like a chef I do not rest till the end is revealed
and satisfaction hidden as a treasured chest is unlocked and revealed.


2 thoughts on “Unveiling” by veedkings (@veedkings)

  1. If I were to summarise this it’s be : A poem for readers to Watch Out for you. And I think I liked it.

    Arrogant, strong, daring, and undiluted!

    1. wow! thanks so much 4 dz… it means a whole lot.

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