Tell me something I haven’t heralded yet.

The sky in all it’s glory and demeaning physique can mean nothing on a day like this.

You were tired, the sun was blazing, the clouds have temporarily gone on exile, no hope for rain even though it was june, a blazing hot june that didn’t deter you from digging.
It was vital to the plan that you dug the hole deeply to obliterate all traces, and help You forget him quickly.

The Three weeks old baby in your tummy was probably protesting that you have a rest, but you declined.
You had been at the task for days now, monday being the first day Halima your shop neighbour had tipped you about the Baba-Ode area in Asa-dam, where you could find spare land, and do what you wanted without inteference.

Monday had been hard, getting the spade, and shovel, Tuesday had been strenuous, marking the place to dig, and now Wednesday was rigorous digging deeper.

You went on for many hours on an empty stomach, muting the soldiers in your belly, and the egg for which you are toiling, the egg for which you’d slaughtered the father and was about to bury miles under the ground.

Two weeks ago. You both had been lovers, fresh faced, experimental, and care-free lovers that were unprepared for a baby.

Quite frankly, He had been on the retrenchment list in the Seven up company where he worked as a Trailer driver, and You had operated a small food store that catered to almost all the factory workers, and brought men of different makes bearing down your neck all day, just outside the Company.

He had been different, he came to eat once in a blue moon, because he usually sent his bus-boy to make the purchase for him, but he had come into your store one day, during the Eid-el-kabir season when most of the factory workers who were Muslims, abstained from your store till evening when they broke the fast.

You had been seated on a bench in the store’s front, staring out at the railway track not so far away.

“Sisi. Howfar, give me food” he’d bellowed, settling himself next to you, his skin had grazed yours and had ignited something strange and unexpected inside of you.

But in the days to come, while you both trudge through abuse, insults, retrenchment, Hunger, fear, insecurity, and consuming love. You’d think ” Why did I say yes to this man?”

And by Yourself, you’d provide an answer, doubtless, and scathing. Like being played in a game of whots.
“He’d said, I can teach you love.”

Something you hadn’t heard from those other men.

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