Reminisce from a fractured heart

“Nedu please stop, I’m still with Prince”…… she muttered scarcely to his hearing.

The effect of those words was instant. He detached himself from her and lay on his back. He wanted to speak almost immediately but either he was short of words, or he just couldn’t find his voice. In the end, it took five calm and deep breaths before the first set of words came out; they were disjointed ……….. “what?”…. “how could you?”… “why”?. “He apologized to me and he’s has changed now” was all the answer she gave.

His quietness now was half from what he just heard and the other half from lacking words to say. He lay on his tummy facing the wall, helped his head to a pillow and slowly closed his eyes. He blocked out the present from his mind and channeled his full thought to a flashback.


“Nedu meet my babe o”……. the words brought him back to his immediate environment in milliseconds, he was startled a bit mainly from the fact that ‘two’, not even ‘one’ made it to where he was seated just outside his room on a pavement scarcely 2ft high with his right leg bossily placed on top of the left and his eyes and in fact his whole being glued to his phone. He has utterly been consumed by the Facebook post he was reading.

“You and phone every time” were the next set of words prince said, and to which nedu smiled as he now lifted his face to meet his friend’s smile while at the same time uttering the words “what’s up bro”. They shook hands and then he extended his hand to the girl his friend just referred to as his babe…. “Amy whats up” he said as he calmly shook her hand she has now placed on his own. He knew her fairly well; she stays in just the next lodge after his own. He sees her almost every day, responding to her greetings as she passes his lodge while going to and from school with her roommate. They’ve had scraps of conversation a few times in the past, he had quite liked her open-mindedness and friendly nature but that was just that; he wasn’t interested in her. He had eyes on the roommate instead but the girl was a snob.

He knew when prince started talking with her, but when she became her babe was a mystery to him and so he assumed it’s a recent development. She wasn’t beautiful facially and wasn’t endowed as well, but she has this welcoming nature that makes people always talk to her. They both sat down with him and gisted until the evening was almost becoming night, and prince told him they’ll be heading to ‘Eisman fries’. Prince stood up, straightened his trousers and stretched for seconds before shaking hands with his friend and leaving with her babe.


The month now is December and it’s a week an four days into the scheduled resumption date of the school. The students around are mainly those staying at places not very far from school, those staying very far from school mainly Lagos and Abuja has zeroed their minds that they’re resuming by January. Coming around school to spend roughly three weeks and then travelling back again was uneconomical for them and the country isn’t in any shape for extravagance. Prince stays at Abuja, and so wasn’t around, Amy stayed here at Owerri and so was around. Nedu was around as well, Onitsha wasn’t that far from Owerri.

Sitting on his lodge pavement around 7pm with earpiece occupying both ears, Nedu was listening to the just released Adekunle Gold’s new album which he titled ‘GOLD’ on a low volume.

“Hi handsome” he heard from a very familiar voice. Raising his head, he met Amy’s charming smile and responded “Amy love, how’re you”?……. she sat down and gisted with him explaining that she’s just coming back from fellowship. Just then, light came and Nedu said it was no coincidence that light came just when she showed up, Amy blushed at this. He invited him inside his room to watch movie with him since everywhere is boring, she accepted but explained that she’ll have to go and change first and then eat something but that she’ll be out in no time at all.

Nedu went inside powered his laptop, and waited for it to boot. He was at the end of the second match he was playing in his installed PES16 when he heard a knock at the door, “come in” he echoed from where he was seated at his reading table. He never bothered to stand up; his game was priority. she entered inside, did a less than ten seconds look-around before she headed straight to the extension lying on the floor to plug her phone. She took a seat beside him and was seemingly not interested in his game. Ordinarily, he would have finished his game before any other thing, but his Napoli team was losing 3-1 to Juventus with only 2mins left so he exited the game and then somehow became fully aware of his surroundings. She was putting on a white short matched with a milk coloured sleeveless top and no super power was needed to know that there was no bra under.  She must have had a bath for her body scent was very appealing. He opened his movie folder and enquired from her what she’ll like to watch,… “Do you have any Philippines’ movie”? came the reply. He explained to her that the only way he was ever going to watch a Filipino movie was if he had a gun pointed directly to his head, she liked his sense of humour. They later settled for an English movie ‘beyond the lights’, a romantic movie kind of. Mid into the movie, she had tilted her head to a corner of his chest, and his arm crossed over her neck and he had his right fingers interlocked in hers. He wondered if her thought was racing just like his, but he was his friend’s babe and that was all; or so he thought. The movie ended around some few minutes to eleven, she told him she has to retire for the night and he saw her off. When they got to her lodge he teased her by asking her to dream about him, she giggled and told him she’ll try.


Nedu was lying on his bed the next day, a Saturday in which he believed the power authority must have sworn before the seven or the many face god (from game of thrones) never to bring light. He heard a soft knock on his door and managed to get out of bed and swagger towards his door, he opened it and there she was standing, dressed in a black trouser and a purple top with a charming smile on her face, making her look beautiful. “Are you not going to let me in”? she asked with her eyebrow raised….. The words brought him back to reality again and he stepped aside and ushered her in. They sat on the bed backing each other and using each other’s back for support while they had their eyes both glued to their phones.

He was mid into a post on, something about the present govt. blaming the past administration when he heard the question. “How long have you known prince”… he heard her ask, he took a few seconds to do a rough calculation before he responded. “three years” came his reply. “do you think I’m the only girl in his life?” came the second question………. the question caught him completely off-guard and he didn’t respond immediately. There are a few more awkward questions he would have preferred to this one, take for example:

  1. Do you find me attractive?
  2. Do you know how much a dollar currently exchanges for?
  3. and even do you know what’s west of westeros?

He turned around slowly and quietly, she did as well and they were now facing each other……. Amy, where is this question coming from he enquired, probably to buy himself a little more time. But she was determined to get answer from him and this won’t be enough to dissuade her. Well, he keeps going on and off now that we’re not within reach she said before she went back to her question. So, are you going to tell me she asked looking into his eyes. He was seemingly confused about how to give her an answer that will put her mind at rest without stabbing a friend at the back. “I’ve seen and heard him talk with other girls, but I can’t say for sure what his relationship with them is”…. was all the answer he could muster. I know you’re trying to protect him; he’s your friend after all she said while lying down and then looking away. He took her left hand and interlocked his right fingers in hers, and explained to her that having known prince this long makes it difficult for him to talk behind his back. She told him she knew he had other girls and that she just wanted to know what side he’ll pick, and then further told him that he had a friend that works at a security service agency monitor his calls. He was dumbfounded at the length she had gone just to validate a claim which for all he knows could be false. He kept quiet and was just fondling her fingers; he wasn’t looking in her direction and so didn’t notice she has now drawn up herself and lay level by his side. In the flash of a moment, she turned his face to face him and before he could understand what was happening, she has locked his mouth with hers in a kiss. His face was expressionless and she pulled her mouth from his and was wondering what she has just done and what just came over her. He didn’t utter a word, but just drifted close to her, got on top of her and kissed her deeply and longingly. There was no going back at this she thought to herself and then started to search out his mouth with her tongue; they held their position for about a minute before breaking their hold. He stared briefly at her without a word and then went at her again, he was more aggressive this time and now it wasn’t just a kiss. He roughed up her breasts from her top, and when that proved in sufficient, he slid his right hand under her top, pushed up to where her bra was and grabbed her left mound; all without breaking their kiss. She was probably not having enough of him yet for she broke off their kiss gently pushed him off her and sat up, she raises her two hands ad he understood the gesture, for he quickly helped her get rid of the top. She took her two hands behind her and unclasped her bra freeing her young, innocent looking and alluring breasts. He went back to work again, taking the mounds in his mouth simultaneously and then while having the right mound in his mouth and biting and sucking on the now erect tip, his right hand began to roam. His hand travelled down to her thighs and he rubbed it on top of her love-pot through the outline of her denim, he then brought it up and gently unbuttoned the material zipped it down and slid his hand to the outside of her red coloured lacey panties. He rubbed her love-pot gently and could feel the place becoming moist; her moans were now becoming louder and more lustful. He slid his hand inside her panties now and rubbed her a little before inserting his middle finger inside her, she was erotically warm inside and after a few gentle thrusts, he had finally had enough torture. He tugged gently at her panties and she raised her waist a little giving her the chance to slide it off her waist and all the way down out of her legs. He removed his shorts, pulled down his boxers and without wanting any foreplay he positioned himself between her spread thighs lowered himself and kissed he longingly before possessing her in one swift movement.  A gasp escaped her mouth, he waited a little foe her to get accustomed to him before he began with soft gentle thrusts.

They now lay naked on the bed catching their breath from the stormy session they just had, she placed her head on his chest while her left hand was down south caressing his member. “I wish I never met prince”….. He didn’t see the words coming and so was taking unawares by it, he slid down a bit to measure up with her and placing his right hand on her chin asked her “Amy are you falling in love with me?”……. she responded by asking him why she’ll give herself to him if she wasn’t falling for him. He kissed her passionately, and when they broke off she whispered in his left ear “please don’t hurt me”… he assured him he’ll always love her and then kissed her again.

What followed in the coming days was a tale of new lovers capped by passionate cuddles and kisses either while seated and watching a movie or lying down in bed while staring on the phone, passionate and intense love-making sessions each time the flesh leads. So it continued until twentieth of December and they both vacated for Christmas.

They kept in touch all through Christmas calling, chatting, texting, and even sexting with Amy reiterating all the time how much she regrets ever meeting Prince.

January soon came and it was time to get back to school.


Nedu got a call from Amy on the eve of 14th of January, beckoning on me to come online on WhatsApp that we have something to talk about. She was already in school, she returned as early as on the fourth of January because she wanted to relocate to a new lodge and settle down before school resumes fully.

He came online as she asked and she narrated to him how Prince had confronted her, he probably heard stories from people that were around during that December period. Prince told her on the phone that he wanted them to see and so she went to his lodge to see him. The conversation started with mild confrontations and phrases like “I’ve heard your stories”…. “so you think you can just go behind my back and go scot free?”. Amy pointed out to him that it was her life and she had the right to live it whichever way she pleases and that’s when things went south with prince seizing her by the throat and threatening her not to make her reveal the demon in him. She struggled and got free from his hold and ran out, straight to the road and took a bike to her lodge.

Nedu told her that he did talk with prince on WhatsApp and that he told him he didn’t mean for any of what he heard to happen, but they happened anyways. He pointed out that prince never sounded violent, that he just took everything in good faith; at least that’s what he thought.

They ended the chat by putting the ‘prince events’ behind them and once again prophesying their love for each other and Nedu telling her that he’ll be in school by weekend.


Nedu came back to school on Sunday afternoon called Amy to tell her he’s around but that he has a lot of tidying up to do and so probably won’t see her until the next day after school.

All through the day’s lecture, his mind was on Amy for he has missed her so much; her smile, oval face, the taste of her lips, her rightly accentuated breasts and of course the warmth of her love-pot.

He called her around 5pm to let her know he’s headed to her place. Roughly 10mins later, the bike he took pulled up at her lodge gate; he paid the bike man and placed a call across to Amy telling her to come out to his gate. She came out almost immediately and they both went inside her room. She introduced her to her new roommate as her friend….. something didn’t seem well with that introduction thought Nedu but that was the least of his worries at the moment. They sat on the bed and gisted, he originally planned to go back to his lodge that evening but everything changed when her roommate announced she’ll be going for a birthday party. Nedu’s heart leaped for joy at the news, he was now going to sleep over and he was certain what that entailed.

They laid down for the night at few minutes to ten O’clock, she had her back at him but their bodies had full contact and he had his arm crossed over and placed on her bosom.

Gently, he started checking her out; cupping her braless mounds simultaneously. He then slipped his hand under her well aerated skimpy top, grabbing her tender breasts more aggressively now and twisting the tip until he could feel them poking. His hand travelled down to to her shorts, rubbing her love-pot through the material before slipping it inside. There was no additional firewall at the inside and he was delighted at this. She parted her legs almost reflexively to gain him full access. His fingers found her succulent opening and he pleasured it gently, he could feel it begin to moisten up and soft moans were now escaping her lips. That was all the invitation he needed, for he quickly got on top of her, helped her out of the top, slid her shorts all the way down till it came through, and positioned between her thighs. He bent and took the left tip of her mound in her mouth and then slowly used his right hand to guide himself inside her.

He has dipped himself in and out a couple of times and was now about to pick up his pace, when the words that broke the camel’s back came……. “Nedu please stop, I’m still with Prince”.


Fast forward to the present, as his flashback came to an end, he felt her naked body climb on his back; he could feel her breasts on his bare body. What does she want again he thought? “I’m sorry he heard her say……… “How could you have done that?” he heard himself say again. “Why did you allow me sleep over when you’ve clearly ditched me?”….. “I still care about you Nedu and I’ve missed you” she said. This is unarguably the most confused soul in the world he thought. He has been hurt, his ego deflated, and it’s not something an apology can heal. How did he let himself into such mess he imagined; she wasn’t even beautiful.

He was almost certain what happened between her and prince was going to happen again, only his shoulder won’t be there for her to lean on again.


Nedu sat on his table, playing his PES16 when his phone rang; he paused the game to pick it up. It was Amy, just then he remembered they’ve not spoken since he left her place after that night, and it’s been two weeks since then even though he didn’t feel any bit of remorse. She said she left a message for him on WhatsApp and he should go check it out. Opening his WhatsApp, what he saw was an epistle; the long and short of it being that she no longer understood prince, and wasn’t prepared to understand him again and several remarks about their good time together and how she was so stupid to throw it all in the air.

Putting down the phone, there was only one thought on Nedu’s mind……… “How is this supposed to help me win Lazio, its 80mins already”.






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