The Pastures Of Scriptures

There is pasture In the scripture
Which has the feature of God’s nature
And has been endorsed by divine Signature
The creature on earth, He did manufacture
By the divine art of heavenly sculpture
To their structure, he did construct
To their future, he did instruct
To fashion, they that meditate
For their function to radiate
To culture, is to conceptualize it
To nurture, is to internalize it
When mature, the feature is actualized
When captured, the future is realized
When pictured, faith is maximized
The punctured or fractured can be divinely sutured
A mixture engaged, is to disengage the vulture of your adventure
It is not stature that affects the future
For your nature is a feature of the scripture
It is what you can capture and picture
So no creature under satanic lecture can make caricature out of our future
Oh what a texture of nature we have been structured by divine sculpture!
An art of divine creativity
And it is beyond the act of human dexterity


5 thoughts on “The Pastures Of Scriptures” by HISPLATFORMID (@Mikeal)

  1. nice play on words

    1. Thanks a lot!

      You mean nice construction of words, right?

  2. Great Piece…I love this.

    1. Thanks!

      I Appreciate the fact that you love it

  3. Hallelujah i love this preach brother!!

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