The Mystery Of Mmm

The Mystery Of Mmm

At the time when the whole cistern cracked
When the dam ran dried
All our borders of survival broke and attacked
Forlornly fatigued and tired

Our glass of hope having shattered
We gasped and gaped for savior
All we saw were blind Kites tattered
Adding salt to the injury kindly undue

Our Naira can’t get foreign sand¬
Our Kobo unable to oil our stomachs
We stood if electrocuted by the magic wand
Our Crude held no water or thanks

At this hopeless wild tide and time
A system came across shores
To add to our Poetics of life rhythm and rhyme
So we jumped into its drab net without Fore

MMM came and left like stars
Babyishly we mourned and hoped
For her return on January, after tears
She zoomed back like a mother from market

Her babies beamed with big laughter
‘MMM is back! MMM is real!’ they prayed
‘Can she back and bank my money’ another tongue twister
This twister drowned our joys and hope swayed

MMM is real as Salvation
‘You need life but do you want death?’
‘Provide me help but I can’t help’ barren notion
MMM is murdered by our charity’s dearth

14th January, 2017

2 thoughts on “The Mystery Of Mmm” by SUNNYDEMAJESTY (@SUNNYDEMAJESTY)

  1. MMM is now Moku Mogbe Modaran.

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