My Silent Wish


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All along my earthly journey

Throughout my pilgrimage on this planet

Back through the past years

Recalling the seasons of my youth

Amidst my pains with agonies

Through the storms and trials

Within my darkest hours and loneliness

Even in my despair and hopelessness

There is always a silent wish

A silent wish within my inner heart

A wish that life could be better

From ample pains man experience on earth

A silent wish that all are born with silver spoon

A wish to live in a world without poverty and suffering

A world where misery reside in bottomless pit

A wish for all to live a stress free life

A wish for a companion that help me live my dream

A wish for friends helping us grow in everyway

A silent wish to have people saying yes to all our needs

A wish to move forward in life without stress

A wish I wish for all living in pain in present world

A wish for all God children to live in seventh heaven

A wish that make all equal on earth

A wish of a peaceful world and harmonious living

These has always been my silent wish

A wish I wish for all living

Peace, love, joy and unlimited happiness everywhere at all-time.



08052365608, 07032476449.

January 4th, 2017.





7 thoughts on “My Silent Wish” by huntermayor (@ODEYEMIM.MAYOWA)

  1. Ok I’ll be Frank with you. Poetry is supposed to be COMPLEX, entrenched deeply with codes and cryptic messages.
    This isn’t poetry, it’s more of a musing and anything else.

    It would have been better in a simple prose form.
    Anyway I forgive you because I like your Tone.

    Beneath the mundane topic you’re treating you have a confident voice that promises more exceptional work.

    And I’m looking forward to that. More space to your imagination room friend.

    1. Thank so much, I love and appreciate hard criticism. Through this
      alone I can develop, improve and correct my self. Please I need somebody to learn from. Beside, I am new here and I don’t know if there is seminar I can attend to help myself. Please can I add you? Thanks

  2. A nice piece that has simply expressed your wish and wishes of a lot of souls out there in the WOrld.

    1. Please can you rate this for me?

  3. @chetty seriously?? You don’t get to say ‘this is not poetry’ … not ever. Unlike other genres, poetry isn’t defined by annoying must-dos and must-nots, it’s could be catharsis… it could be music… it could be musings! You don’t label ‘this is poetry, this isn’t ‘ what’s poetry anyway? And who said poetry must be deep or COMPLEX? Ann Taylor’s MY MOTHER is as simple as it could be yet it is one of the best poetry around.
    I do understand you though, @odeyemim.mayowa ‘s poem is too direct, I didn’t get to finish it myself. All the same, it’s poetry… it’s a beginning.

    Keep writing, young bard.

    1. @Praize; Thanks for your perspective. I will keep doing something till I understand how to do it well. I learn from all comment, and I wish people point out my mistakes in their comment. I love to see my mistakes, so that I can fix them in my next writing. Please if you know of any writers seminar I can attend to improve myself and learn to deepen my knowledge let me know. Introduce me to writers groups or forum. Thank to all, keep commenting on it.

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