Marrying Omotolani

Marrying Omotolani


My smiles were wide as I walked into the house in a bouncing gait. I had just been promoted at my work place. I couldn’t wait to announce my new accomplishment to my beautiful fiance. I came back to the sitting room after freshening up and turned on the television set to feed my eyes while awaiting Omotolani’s visit. But the sight that greeted me made me regret ever thinking of touching the remote control. My bubbling heart went stiff. I watched the Ghanaian movie star, David Prince Osei, as he sucked my fiance’s lips in a passionate kiss, I watched how tightly she wrapped her arms around his neck, shivers of pain ran down my spine. I watched as the actor’s hands reached for her butt which he squeezed softly, making her let out a soft moan of pleasure, I watched her small hand as it slowly slid upwards through his trousers flap, making him jolt and intensify his kiss and romance. My heart ached and my eyes went bleak. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I turned off the set.

For the rest of the day nothing seemed right about me. My soul was engulfed with pain and anger and confusion. What on earth was I thinking when I proposed to an actress?

I met Omotolani at the university during my final year. She was in her final year too, studying Theatre Arts while I was doing Journalism. We had met at the field as supporters to our departments on final football match between my department and hers in the Faculty of Social Sciences football tournament. I can vividly recall how my friends warned me against dating Tolani for the reason that she was going to be an actress, and how I had told them off with my belief in love.

Now, we are a year old, our relationship, boring; painfully boring. Omotolani is barely in town, she is always going for one audition or the other which sometimes took her away for months, and when she is home, she is either talking of how great her acting colleagues are or acting out one script with such seriousness that one thinks she’s being filmed, and I dared not to interrupt, as that was tantamount to World War IV.

“This could be the bomb, you never know”

She would always say that, tearing my heart apart. But on a second thought, was I really ready to leave? Tolani was speedily turning into a superstar, and I had benefitted nothing less than a million naira from her purse since the last three months. No way, I was not backing out, at least not yet. I shook my head vigorously. And then I heard a knock on the door.


My smiles were so wide as I graciously walked back to my seat. It was the annual movie awards night. And I had just received the Young Actor of The Year Award. In the midst if the applauding audience, my eyes fished out his beautiful smiling face. My heart melted, and the bones that made up my knee weakened, making my feet loose their firm stance. That was the effect Michael always had on me. It wasn’t quite long after I had had my seat when my iPhone beeped, it was a text message:

“I’m at the car park”

My heart thumped heavily. And I was beginning to feel tingles in between my legs. I excused my self from the event and went outside. I spotted Mike in his car, beckoning on me to come in. I walked up to the car, the door was already open. I stood outside, staring.

“You forgot something?” he was smiling so sweetly again.

I shook my head, smiling back.

“Well, what’re you waiting for?”

As we lay exhausted on the bed after two rounds, about two hours later, my soul was drenched in guilt as the pictures of Desmond flashed in my head. My faithful loving and caring fiancee. I wonder why I was doing it, I wonder how I changed! I loved Desmond, yeah really. But Mike is such a hot irresistible guy! But I certainly would never marry an actor like him, with all the ladies around him, never! I can’t stand it. But then I had a Desmond who trusted me with all of his heart, a Desmond who believed in me. No, I had to stop it, but did I really want to stop, it was the same Mike who had set the path to stardom for me to trail. Hmmm, an about-to-wed Mike. I got off the bed quietly and began looking everywhere for my gown.

“You’re leaving?”

I nodded. I soon spotted my gown on the floor by the wardrobe, I got and stepped in to it. I fetched my purse, and without a word, stepped out of Mike’s room.

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  1. Absolutely lovely. Concise, beautiful and intriguing.

    I’d like to leave the story at this point, the absurdities, actors face is not a small thing.

    More space to your imagination room.

  2. Yeah, indeed.

    Thanks for the beautiful comments @Chetty

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