Imagine you are invited to this gathering,
Beaming of smiles and anything cunning.
Then you are asked to pick of pots, one of tens
when without opening lids cannot guess
which is happiness and one you can switch.
Each of all you ponder can’t bewitch witch
and she closed her eyes over the shining each,
Of what her mama always tell her,
Solve no math of life with the edge of star
that all tunes glittering doesn’t sing wealth.
Last, she opened a very quiet lid set
and she met me as her everyday love
and not a life math she will always solve.

2 thoughts on “Love” by Adegoke Adeola (@Coolcrown)

  1. I Like everything. The words, The Tone, The confidence, Ever-thing.

    And your verbal elongations, very crafty too.

    More space to your imagination room.

  2. Thanks for going through brother

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