Butterfly Blues (2)

“How are you feeling now” Ify asked him. “Feeling very much better now, all I need now is a glass of water to get my energy back” he replied. They were at home now, he had just feigned toilet activity and was acting like he felt relieved. They were both in the bathroom, Ify had just stepped out of the shower. “Good!, because you are going to make up for my night that you just ruined with your poo poo spree” Ify told him. “Huh?” he looked at her. She was smiling at him. “You took me away from a very good party tonight, so you’ll have to make up for it with a private party for two”. As she walked out the bathroom, she allowed her towel fall open at the back, exposing her full back view. Just before she shut the door behind her, she turned to smile at him with a coquetry look in her eyes. Benjamin knew an invitation when he saw one. Ify, even after three kids and the stretch marks still had a perfect behind that turned him on every time he saw it. With the stress of taking care of the kids, the home and work, she rarely gave him some, tonight that she was giving the ‘Come and take’ look, he was not going to waste the opportunity. Thoughts of Tolu streaked through his mind, but he pushed them aside. He was not going to let the Ghost of fucks past disturb the present. He moved quickly to the kitchen, opened up the refrigerator, there was an opened bottle of red wine from yesterday. He got that out, just as he was about to close the door, he spied the bowl of ice cream Ify had gotten for the kids just that evening, he got that too, the kids had not seen it, so they would not miss it. He got out two glasses, gathered up his forage, and headed for the bedroom, as he passed his liquor cabinet in the sitting room, an evil smile appeared on his face as another thought came to him, bless Ify for being able to hold her alcohol. He stopped by the cabinet, took a bottle of brandy out, and topped up the bottle of red wine a bit, nothing wrong with spiking up the alcohol level a notch. On his way, he peered into the children’s room just to make sure they were all fully sound asleep and would not pose any kind of hindrance to this once in a while opportunity. When he got to the bedroom, Ify was lying down in bed using her phone, she still had the towel on her, barely covering her. She looked up at him and gave him a scolding look when she saw the children’s Ice cream, then smiled saying “Well they didn’t see it, did they? Give it here” sitting up. Benjamin dropped everything on the bed reached over and kissed her deeply “Hmmm, someone tastes good” she told him. Benjamin poured the wine, and sniffed before tasting not knowing what to expect from his concoction.  “Not bad” he said to himself smiling. Ify eyed her husband as he poured her a glass, knowing very well when he was up to mischief “What?” She asked, “Nothing” he replied. She screamed as the wine hit her throat, “Benjamin Okafor! What is this?” She asked looking into the glass. Benjamin just smiled back and told her to relax and drink it slowly. She told him to put on some music. He got his iPhone and put it on the speaker dock. He put on his favorite lovemaking song, Joe’s ‘Peep Show’ and put it on repeat, and went back to join her. On the wine and Ice cream, they made passionate love, like it was their first time together. Images of .having sex with Tolu played within his head, but he pushed them aside, refusing to allow them spoil this special time with his wife. The wine had Ify asleep almost immediately. He lay beside her as she snored lightly and could see that she was smiling in her sleep. He loved this woman to bits, and wondered on how lucky he was to have her. The sudden re-emergence of Tolu back into his head haunted him now, he felt his marriage threatened, and even though he did not welcome this re-emergence, just seeing her had his body yearning for her all over. The music was still playing, he got up to turn the music off, and as he picked his phone up, his mind drifted back to a time ago, when someone else has asked him to put on some music just before making love.
He and Tolu were at his apartment, they had been seeing each other for almost a month then. They had just gotten in from the club and were pumped up with alcohol, they went at each other the moment the door closed behind them, and just as they were about to tumble into the bed, Tolu asked him to put on some music. “Ah!” He exclaimed stepping back, he went to his hifi system and put on Joe’s ‘Peep Show’ and was already singing along with the song, when Tolu asked “Don’t you have a fuck song?”
“What?” Benjamin asked, clearly not understanding what she meant.
“You are playing a lovemaking song, and I think I’m in the mood to fuck, so a fuck song would be appropriate”
Benjamin still looking confused replied “Um, I don’t think I have or know any fuck songs”.
Getting up, she replied, “I thought you’d say that”. She reached for her phone and plugged it to the hifi system and played a song Benjamin had never heard before, Ashanti’s ‘I’m so Horny’. “Now that’s a song you can fuck to” Tolu declared, already gyrating her hips to the lyrics of the song and putting a hand between her legs.
Benjamin, taken back by the lyrics of the song and wondering how come he had never heard the song, looked on in awe as Tolu began to do lap dance moves on him and slowly guided him to the bed, she had her one piece outfit off her before he hit the bed, the alcohol had him wondering if he had missed her taking off her underwear or she did not wear any under that dress. Tolu had his jeans and boxers off to the rhythm of the song, and slowly crawled over him, till her vagina was directly above his throbbing erection, she then began to tease, slowly lowering herself unto his erection, then raising herself back up just at the tip, Benjamin reached out to grab her behind, to hold her down.
His phone vibrating with an incoming WhatsApp message had him out off the brief reminiscent. He wondered who could be up at this time sending him messages. He saw the number like a ghost from the past, a number embedded into his brain from years ago. A number that stopped working six years ago, when Tolu walked out of his life. A quick look behind him to be sure Ify was still asleep. With his heart skipping beats, he opened the message which read ‘Hey Huggy Bear’. Tolu’s pet name for him made him jerk and look back again just to be sure Ify was still sleeping and had not snuck up behind him. He went into the toilet and sat down looking at his phone and wondering if he should reply. ‘Hey’ he typed back. The smiley kisses he got filled up his phone’s screen. ‘The way you ran out that party tonight, twas like you saw a ghost, pls don’t say twas cos of me’
‘I didn’t run, I wasn’t feeling well’ Benjamin replied.
‘Oh Huggybear, truly missed you, saw you tonight n almost melted’
Benjamin could only chat back ‘Ok’
‘Bby pls we have to get together, so many tinz to say to you’
Benjamin thought very hard before typing the next ‘Ok’.
‘Good, will call you later in the day at a good time. Your wife is very pretty, you did well without me, proud of my Huggybear, gdnite. *kisses*’
Benjamin stared at his phone for a whole minute. What did he just do he thought to himself, he did not want to meet Tolu, he did not feel he was emotionally strong enough to deal with Tolu. He got up and flushed the toilet, he went back into the bedroom and looked at Ify still sleeping soundly. He felt filled with guilt just chatting with Tolu, that he could not lie beside Ify in bed. He went to the sitting room, laid on the couch and turned on the television.

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