Life is a war
Its a long fight on its own
Everyone fights for everything
And no one fights for anyone

We fight for power
We fight for freedom
We fight to make way
Even to our kingdom

Fight to live or die
Fight to rise of lye
Fight to breakthrough
But only few get through

I hope and hope
As I joint the fight
That my space won’t get tight
That I may keep seeing the light
So that I can keep my head in the fight.

6 thoughts on “Warlife” by Adesanya Oluwadamilola (@McDahmie)

  1. Luvly, comely n nicely written

    I caught this insight from the light of what u have written;
    never to fright no matter the fight for I can make my desired flight, even as I think right to act and live right

    1. nice, I feel like taking this Nd patching it up with mine already

      Thanks for reading

      1. U’re Welcome

        Good but not without my permission(lolssss)

        1. hehehe @mikeal

          I hv indirectly done that and you have also indirectly approved it.


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