Smoke Until You Are Six Feet Under!


Life, they say is a tale but oftentimes people forget it’s distorted. Smoking thwarted his destiny, it misled my brother, Segun.Jeffa was Segun’s best friend. They knew each other since secondary school. He was studying petroleum engineering but everything ended suddenly.

Their first year in uni. was great. They were zealous and ambitious. They burnt midnight candles but not until Frank came along. He was a living corpse infecting Jeffa. By the second year, Jeffa had already drunk all the venom given to him by Frank.

Second year until final year, he kept poisoning my brother steadily until he saw his death. It felt like Segun was infected by the venom of a scorpion. It stung him hard making him bleed. His blood flowed like an ocean drowning my family. He should never have smoked!! He’s was so stupid thinking the proof of the pudding was in the eating. I hope you don’t expect me to enumerate how smoking killed him.

He consented to it! I loved him. He kept on asking dad for money saying he needs to buy this and that book. Dad gave him not knowing he was using the money to buy cigarettes. Eventually, my brother’s well’s ran dry. We were in our final year in the uni. I got a call from the hospital saying he was involved in a car accident. Mama got to know about it leading to her first stroke attack. I wonder why he was in the car smoking and drinking with five other men while driving.

Had he lost his brain!! Nonetheless, he was not hurt too badly. What pains me most is that we were in our final year. I lost him on our graduation day. He was all I had, my one and only twin brother. The night before our graduation, I got a call from the hospital saying Segun was admitted and had lung cancer. He hid it from me, he hid it for a very long time. I was startled, even more, shocked that the hospital had already informed my parents. He was struggling with it all by himself and seeing the doctor secretly until it went out of control.

I thought he would make it. I thought I would see him graduate with me. I never contemplated in my wildest dream that I would lose him. He gave up the ghost on our graduation day! Oh, can you just imagine? I was broken, my friends couldn’t even console me. Mama died of a stroke after hearing the news. Dad was so depressed, his only ọmọ, son, was dead and gone forever. “Who will represent me? Who will carry my name?” papa asked.

The old man could not handle it and died out the shock. I became lonely and couldn’t concentrate. I was so caught between two stools and wasn’t sure if I should continue my studies. Now, I want to you to keep smoking! Forget about what that advert says. Maybe, one day you will lose all those that mattered to you. Cross that bridge only when it comes to you! Don’t stop smoking now because I want you to be buried six feet under! Perhaps, that’s when you will know that you left a hole in the heart of those that love you the day you chose to give up the ghost.

5 thoughts on “Smoke Until You Are Six Feet Under!” by Adanna Otuechere (@Ada123)

  1. aloba (@aloba)

    wonderful piece….will share this to the world.

    1. Adanna Otuechere (@Ada123)

      @aloba, Thanks, I appreciate.

  2. HISPLATFORMID (@Mikeal)

    Pathetic story conveying facts without appeal as reflected by the title; not what literally it seems, though
    Good stuff but take your time to edit; like the sentence-“They knew each other since secondary school”is not grammatically correct. Just to mention a few. This is to encourage you and not otherwise, please, OK?

    1. Adanna Otuechere (@Ada123)

      @mikeal, thanks 4 commenting but i would hv appreciated it more if u wrote the correct sentence instead of copying and pasting my work. Regards to discouragement, I’m a psychologist and I’ve learnt dat nothing discourages a person unless they choose to let it in. So my dear, I can never be discouraged,my passion and drive 4 writing keeps me going.

      1. HISPLATFORMID (@Mikeal)

        @Ada, U are welcome and thanks to you too, for your understanding
        The correct form of that sentence is “They had known each other since secondary school”(when ‘since’ is used what follows is past continuous tense; as in this context or present continuous tense, as it were.

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