Game over

Game over

Why did she agree to date this guy
who was not anywhere near her type
yes.she remembered. he gave her a job
after she spent four years looking for work
he was obviously not anywhere near his type
yes she remembered.he had got her a jo
after she spent years searching for work

he kept reminding her her life belongs to him
manipulated her until she felt guilty
made her believe she owed him her existence
she dated him to pay her debt

he humiliated her in private and public
criticised her for eatin her favorite meal
scolded her and made her apologise even when she was right

she has endured enough
it is time to regain her lost freedom
to achieve that,she needs to plan
and hope he falls for the trap

she flirts with other guys to push his button
he fell for her prank and got jelous
he shouted,kicked and slapped her
‘its over between us’ he yelled in anger

deep inside he didnt mean it
he still wanted her. She knew it
he wanted her to be the first to apologise
she wouldnt this time. She faked a cry

she packed her things and got set to leave
inflated ego wont let him plead
she jumped and laughed when out of sight
he drank to stupour the entire night

3 thoughts on “Game over” by tobechi74 (@tobechi)

  1. Nice piece

    When one becomes pressurize, he can become commonize n lose his self esteem

  2. You did a nice job here but there is still room for improvement. I believe if you really want the best from this piece, you write it all over. Paint it with more metaphors and similes. Try to be more poetic rather than narrating. Good one

  3. its a lovely piece all in all, I will overlook the tiny thoughts I had in my mind because we all.picture things differently in our minds

    try looking at your piece from a readers perspective before publishing

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