D.o Fagunwa Correspondence Course Is Out

D.o Fagunwa Correspondence Course Is Out


D.O. Fagunwa Correspondence Course was envisioned by the Society of Young Nigerian Writers in collaboration with Fagunwa Literary Society and Egbe Odo Onkowe Ede Yoruba. D.O. Fagunwa Correspondence Course was written by recognized and dedicated Yoruba writers. We have nearly four to eight Yoruba writers working on our questions. They are Yoruba writers who have written notable literary works in Yoruba Language. The Society not only prepares questions to the Late D.O. Fagunwa’s write-ups, they also keep them constantly updated. Every year there are changes, because we need to upgrade contents of the questions. It is vitally important that our courses are kept up to date. That is why our D.O. Fagunwa Correspondence Course insists on using works of the late literary legend.

Also, these expertly prepared questions are available for you to study at your own pace, in your own time, in your own home. At the end of the day, you can relax by your own fire side and read through some selected works of the Late D.O. Fagunwa.

No turning out at night and traveling to evening classes. No taking notes from lectures, everything is written down for you to study at will and revise as often as you like. No being held back because of slower students in the class. No being rushed too quickly ahead because a lecturer has to keep up with a timetable. You don’t have to take a chance on how good you are. You can rest assured that your interests are in our interests and we make the best talent available to you to achieve your aim.


Aims and Objectives of the Course


  1. To Promote the literary legacy of  D.O. Fagunwa
  2. To Promote the five works of the Late D.O. Fagunwa
  3. To Promote Yoruba Language and literature
  4. To contribute to the growth and development of Yoruba culture, traditions and religion.
  5. To encourage Yoruba Language Writers, Yoruba Scholars and Yoruba Enthusiasts.
  6. To give recognition, reward and award (RRA) to deserving Yoruba Readers/Writers to serve as role models.
  7. To highlight the Role of Yoruba Language, Culture and Traditions in the World.


To download the E-Book version of the correspondence course log on to http://www.fagunwacorrespondencecourse.wordpress.com

How to enroll

 The Letter of Introduction is normally accompanied by an enrolment form. If you require further copies of these documents, please contact

Wole Adedoyin

Chief Examiner

Tel: +2348072673852

P.O. Box 6332, Agodi Post Office, Agodi Gate, Ibadan, Oyo State.

E-mail: societyofyoungnigerianwriters@gmail.com


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