Battle of the Sexes: Episode 3

After the semester examinations we both decided to go back to Kaduna together and we boarded the same bus. On our arrival at Kawo motor park, we bade each other goodbye and each of us headed home. The first day at home was a mystery, it was like we’ve been separated for a millennium. I couldn’t figure out why i was feeling so absent even though I am now back home; the place i could ever be. Away from the stress of school, from the troubles in the hostel, but also away from a girl I have always loved and admired and have always considered her as the only girl i have ever loved since the day i knew what it was to feel special love and affection towards a girl. I was awake all night, so was Yerseerah. We talked and talked, and it was a lot of fun without any of us getting tired of the calls or feeling sleepy. It was one kind of a feeling that I guess I haven’t felt for a very long time.
I spent the break with Yerseerah through calls, SMS,chats on social networks and frequent visits to their house now and then. This closeness that i had with Yerseerah, made everyone in their house know me. We were so close that whenever i went to visit her at home, everyone in the house treated me like I was a part of the home. And on some other occasions we go out shopping or went strolling together. I felt like my dream of having Yerseerah to myself has just began to come true. *Huuuuuuh.*
Back to school we were, our closeness growing in day by day, and my love for her getting extremely high. I was actually feeling I had reached success, till a day came………
I was walking down from the lecture theatre after an afternoon lecture when i stumbled into Yerseerah looking so gorgeously dressed walking down the pathway. I hurriedly increased my pace and soon caught up with her, we greeted each other and she told me she was heading to the hostel so i offered to escort her. On reaching Ribadu female Hostel, Yerseerah’s phone started singing the Dorobucci song that was her ring tone, she brought the phone out from her bag, picked the phone and she said to the person on the other side “Am in front of the hostel now”, after some seconds she replied again, ‘Am standing opposite the popcorn stand’ then she hanged off. She then turned to me with a smile on her face and said ” Abdul, today you are going to meet Babyna”, which means her baby. Her words struck my ears like lightning, and i my heart started to beat like the sound of thunder, i stood at attention, couldn’t move or a say a word, i didn’t even know how to respond to what she has just said. Before i could regain consciousness, a guy wearing dark shades in white polo Ralph Lauren Shirt with a black pencil jeans, and a black and white all star shoe came from behind me and she ran towards him and gave him a tight hug…. I was about to sink down into the ground…

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