Writers Wanted

Hello all you happy people!

Participate in this call for entries and be selected to get paid at premium rate.

Details >> HERE

– Maximum word count per article is 800 words, and minimum is 300 (depending on prompts written for.)

– One thousand Naira shall be paid for each selected article. (A minimum of 20 possessing the quality we seek.)

– Some authors of selected articles will be paid at the rate of one naira per word for all subsequent submissions upon request, (based on agreed terms and conditions) should they wish to continue writing for theSpot.

– Only one entry per individual is allowed, so make it count.

Purchase of prompt book required for participation.


2 thoughts on “Writers Wanted” by anak adrian (@anakadrian)

  1. The link isn’t opening. Is there a deadline for this? @anakadrian

    1. Oops, @Mayree sorry for the late reply. I rarely open the mailbox I registered on this site with for comment notifications inter alia…

      For real? I just checked the link and it works fine. Maybe WordPress was on some temporary downtime when you clicked? They’ve been having lots of those lately for some reason.

      Deadline is December 24th. EBook is to prevent having to answer the “what do you need me to write on?” email over and over again, and a price is attached to determine the writers that are actually willing to be committed enough to the site they hopefully intend to continuously write for; re the “sacrifice” of a hundred and eighty nine naira. (yeah, the cost is a pittance, good luck making any profit from that.) **Oh, there, I’ve just leaked one selection tip, my bad**

      I hate pointless ebooks and spam mails just as much as (…probably more than…) the next person, lol.


      P.s. There’ll be a contest with a cash prize next year that’ll be solely for publicity; participation will be free of charge.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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