Romance Could Be Hilarious-3

Subo was still reminiscing about the friday night, and the epicenter of it all :Tina. When a knock came on his door.

Shortly after that his secetary Betty came in, two files cradled on her arms, she dropped the files gingerly , with too much precision on the table.

“Sir between Hotel Enchanting, and Cabin valley which do you prefer for your vacation?” She asked in her ever upbeat voice.

“Cabin valley sounds serene, just the kind of place I need for my ‘recuperation'” Subo intentionally stressed the recuperation so she would understand that he did not see this as a fun escapade.

“Yes it is.” Betty’s face broke in a strange victory, though Subo couldn’t remember what she’d won.

“So, do you intend to bring any one along, or should I just book for you alone?” Subo shot ┬áher a ‘Before-nko’ stare, that did nothing to deter her from her subtle agenda.

“If you ask me sir, I’d suggest you go with someone, the people there are mostly elderly retirees, who seem to enjoy the stifling qiuetness. I went there yesterday, and swear I could hear a pin fall on the floor” Betty smiled widely as she off loaded her previously reharsed speech.

Subo pretended to consider it, just to humor her ,by placing a fist under his chin, and after a while he finally said;

“Well I did not ask. And I’ve heard a lot of things about the place. beisdes am only going to be there for not more than two weeks, I’ll b just fine. Ok?”

That seemed to plunge a knife into her baloon of hope, which brought about a pout-like expression on her caramel face.

“I will go and make the reservations now”. Betty turned to leave, but her clicking heels couldn’t keep him from wishing the copulsory trip was over so he could find Tina.

Maybe, I might need company after all . He thought.


“What!………………like really?. He didn’t ask for your number?” Tina heard this kind of question from her Friend Anna for what seemed like the mllionth time and wished she hadn’t told her friend about the eventful yet some what disastrous friday night.

And for every question, Tina always replied with ” Honestly oo”.
“Really that was how it happened.”

But this time she piped” In all probity, I really wished he had given me his number. He seemed really nice, and down to earth”
Tina was done talking when she noticed Anna’s open mouth.
“Better shut that, if you don’t want a fly party in your mouth” Tina teased.

“Sorry, for staring dumbly, but oremi this guy seems good enough for you to be in a spell like this” Anna said, as she forked a sizable chunk of fried eggs into her mouth.

Her barbie – pink lip gloss, did much to define her cherubic face, shining brightly against her caramel skin, the shiny brown weave on piled high in a tight bun, complemented her face artistically.

I bet he would have asked for her number if she’d seen him. Maybe that would have passed, if Anna hadn’t shot her a sharp rebuke through her expression.

-What! , Tina realized she’d said that out loud”

“Sorry” Tina mouthed, then turned her face down, like a child caught stealing meat from the pot.

Anna smiled it off, and decided to move onto some other matters, that had nothing to do with Tina’s somewhat flat self esteem.

“Did Oga call you?” Anna asked, as she continued with her breakfast, while picking up her phone to no doubt check on her twitter handle.

“Yes” Tina replied, in a voice that did nothing to cover her sudden melancholia.

“Why do you think he wants a cabin , in cabin valley”. Anna spoke on, oblivious to Tina’s lagging interest in the conversation, or her breakfast that was cooling very quickly in the wide, and very well ventilated company food joint.

“I heard his mother is returning from Westminster” Anna continued, providing the answer to her own question.

“Yeah…..”Tina mumbled.
The table went silent for a while, the shuffling, and activities going on around in the food joint was loud enough for Tina’s brain, that bordering on Disarray.

“I see you don’t want that egg,” Anna said as she slid Tina’s food plate to her own side. Without any protest.

Because deep down Tina’s mind, she couldn’t help but dispel the same obnoxious voice that was screaming, while dancing in an imaginary circle ” He’ll come for you, He’ll come for you…..”

Mofe tried for the fifth time since she received a call from her mother early that morning, – what she was doing in her brother’s company. A place she’d intentionally avoided since Kayode.

Kayode, still flickered past her mind once in a while, but with that came with the reason why they were no longer together.

She shook her head as though that was enough to erase the unsettling memories. Kayode was gone from here, last time she’d heard he was in Georgia, or Germany. What did it matter?

Kayode was long dead and gone, history, her past, her by-

“Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or is Mofe in my company?” Subo’s voice waylaid her on her ‘click click’ way to the elevator.

Mofe rolled her eyes in mock exasperation, before hugging her brother.
“I’m here because of you” she announced.

Subo made a poor attempt at raising an eyebrow, and after many attempts , which had the genesis of a laugh on Mofe’s face, he settled for “Really?”.

“Yes oo. I hope Mrs. Akin still cooks here, I’ve missed her Beans cake . And oh does she still make-” This time Subo perfectly rolled his eyes.
“Yes she’s still here. I don’t remember you recommending someone else before” Subo teased, as they walked back to the canteen.

“You’ve done your own now oo” Mofe mockingly warned, and just as they were both turning to go through the lobby, with a glass door, a man stepped out of the shadows of the room.

Mofe had saw him, before her brain registered who was walking towards her and brother with his impressively confidential strides.

She turned to Subo and asked ” What is he doing here?”

Mofe knew the answer from Subo’s equally surprised expression.

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