Love Test

You were just informed that you were nominated as part of the 5-man delegate you were just informed that you were nominated as part of the 5-man delegate to pay a visit to mr Alakija- the security officer who have been absent from work for over two months. You wondered why the information came late as you entered the official bus .

The twenty minute journey came to a halt. Everyone disembarked from the bus and was welcomed by the disgusting smell of refused adjacent the building. There was nothing spectacular about the one bedroom face me i face you apartment except that it is poorly ventilated.

MR Alakija walked in amidst suport from his wife. You dont need to be a medical doctor to know he had aids. Brown rashes was spotted all over his body like chicken pox. The wife comfirmed your suspicsion .she narrated all his health and showed the drugs and bills to the team.

What touched you was the care and support she showered on him. She touched him freely withov being scared of contacting the disease. She frenchf kissed him passionately and joked of the wonderful sex experience they had the previous night.

The team left for office. All through the journey,you were quietly engrossed. This is a proof that mr alakija was truly loved by his wife. Does your fiancee love you the same way? You asked your self.
You remember the last time you suffered from measles. Funke,your fiancee isolated you. He made sure no physical contact was made.she left the bed for you prefering to sleep in the couch instead. She even came up with an excuse to go and collect her original university certificate abandoning you to suffer the ordeals alone only to reappear after the scars were gone. She could divorce you if you had Aids.

‘stop the vehicle , i have an appointment’ you shouted. You had remembered the hiv test and genotype you and funke went for as a prerequisite before her family could yield their consent to the union

you came down and entered a cab to your hospital. you matched straight to the doctors hospital to collect your result. DR Adeboye was a middle aged man wearing a grey suit . He adjusted his chair before handing over the result to you.

” you are both negative and AA” .he said fixing a cold gaze on your anxiious self. Smile finaly covered your face as you reminded him you were in a haste. You dashf out of his office and head back to the office.

‘what if the worst happenf? What if you were positive?
Just then a mishevious idea crept into your brain. You were going to play an expensive prank m her.

Work was finaliy over you reached h6e and ran into your fianc3 waiting wwere both cohabiting despite not officially married. You waited for her to serve di6er to eat bdore execving your plan.

Dinner was over. You sat for a moment organising your thougts on how to begin.

‘honey,we are both AA so we can both get married’ i said it too fast and rapid keeping the ‘best for the last.

She smiled and gave me another hug before poping in the follw up question in

‘what about the hiv result?

I placed my fordinger m my forehead and
my thump finger m my jaw and slowly burif m
y head to the ground. I could s3 her smile fad away.

She repeatf her questtim tgs time with f mixvre of curiosity and fear

” em ..em …you are negative…am positive. you managed to force the last two words out of your mouth

the news sent shocking wave down her spine.her forehead squeesed revealing the hidden wrinkles beneath. she didnt move.she didnt utter a word as if she was expecting you to continue speaking.

”may be i had contacted it in the barbing wont affect our wedding said i can live for over thirty years without developing any symptom of aids.” i muttered and stoped when i noticed that she wasnt listening. i went closer to her . grabbed her shoulders and whispered the words slowly to her ear

”you still love me dont you?” .
you needed her to reaffirm her love for you before telling her it was all a prank.

you didnt see this coming. her right palm came swinging across your face before landing on your left cheeks. you had to move two steps backward to retain your balance. you held your face in disbelief.

“dont touch me. good night'” she muttered and headed to the other room to sleep.

you are a gentleman who will never lay your hand on anywoman. you went to your own room to sleep replaying the slap incident that just took place.

you finally slept off and woke up the next morning. you took your bath and dressed for work. you didnt know if she deserves an apology for your being hiv positive or you deserve an apology for being slapped. you swallowed your pride and went to her room to apologise. she yelled at you to leave her alone or she hit you with a are not willing to take chances. you leave her alone and went to work.
everyone at work could tel

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