I miss you mum (7) story by Dindy

I miss you mum (7) story by Dindy


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I wake up the next day feeling empty and lost, I moved to the edge of my bed and sat there with my hands on my chin and with my eyes looking downwards. My aunty came to my room to wake me up, but when she came in she saw me awake, she looked at me.
She said “What are you thinking, this one your hands are on your jaw. Anyway junior, be fast and go bath, remember today is sunday, don’t forget to fix your bed before you leave”.
I didn’t say a word, she left leaving the door of my room wide open. I got up and looked at the time, it was 5:59am and the temperature was low.
I thought of taking my bath downstairs, then I remembered that the shower was broken.
My little bro broke it, when he was playing with the handle, so my dad turned it off from the out side.
I decided to goto my dad’s room to take my shower –My dad’s bathroom, had a shower with hot and cold dispenser–. My dad had already gone to church, I knew he won’t be at home by that time because he always leaves early to church on Sundays.
My dad, is the head pastor of the church, so you don’t expect him to goto sunday service by 6am or 7am or 8am.
After i took my bath, I went to my room to dress up, after dressing up I went straight downstairs with my bible in my hand. My aunty and little bro were all dressed up and ready for church, my aunty had a little cooler in her hand –We don’t eat at all on sunday mornings, so we take food to church–. My aunty locked the house and we headed to church
We got to church by 7:35am, my younger brother sat with my aunty while i sat alone. After 25mins Sunday-school was over and now it was time for worship and praise, the choir took the mic and they started singing worship.
While worship was going on, I sat down all though. The choir started singing praises and people were dancing with all happiness, but i was so down and unhappy that my mum wasn’t there, so I went out to clear my mind –but it didn’t work–.
The choir sang there own song after singing praises, it was like a breeze to my hearing because i was lost in my thoughts.
My dad, started preaching after three hours of both sunday school and choir ministration. All the things he preached in church that day, was a totally dot to me, I didn’t listen to anything he said.
All I was thinking, was about my mum and how she was in the hospital, my dad started to notice that I was absent minded when he was preaching, he kept looking at me.
Finally it was offering time, i didn’t want to go, but then I saw my dad looking my way again, i knew that if I don’t stand up and drop my offering, he would surly ask me questions and I am not in the mood for his troubles.
I just had to force myself off the chair, then walked down to drop the offering of 500 naira.
The church service was now over, so i picked my bible from the chair i sat on, then went straight to my dad’s office to relax my brain and eat.
when I got there, my dad was already there talking with one of our church elders, i walked to the corner where I normally sat and eat.
After 5mins, my aunty came into my dad’s office, she went to where she kept the food and brought out my own share of the food, then gave it to me and she fed my little bro.
After I ate, I swept the ground and relaxed on the floor a little. i later stood up and went to the window side to look out side a bit. I was there playing with my fingers, when I heard two voices chatting.
The voices sounded like that of women, their conversation was as follows___
Woman 1: “Did you hear that the pastor’s wife is seriously sick?.”
Woman 2: “Yes ooo, i heard it, only God knows whether it’s the bad thing that she has been doing in the women fellowship that made her sick.”
Woman 1: “Abi oooo, at least now the women fellowship will be at rest, but wait, have you notice that since when the pastor’s wife has been sick, the pastor’s anointing has increased.”
Woman 2: “Chia!, I swear you’re saying the truth oooooo, since the time that so called pastor’s wife fell sick, the church has increased. Mmmm, mmm, that woman is a witch!……..”
Woman 1: “Ah don’t shout na, do you want people to say that we’re gossiping about the pastor’s wife?, don’t forget where you’re, we are close to the pastor’s office, what if he hears you?.”
Woman 2: “Ok ok, let’s go somewhere else.”
I could still hear them talk as they move further away from my dad’s office.
I got so angry and I felt like slapping their silly-stupid-mouth –Da*n, I just use an insultive word, that’s so wrong because I’m a Christian –.
How could they talk about my mum in such manner, I wish I saw them, I wish I went out side to see their faces. Da*n!, I wish I had called my dad to listen to what they said.
After five minutes, of expression of inner anger, my mind fell back in thoughts of my mum in the hospital…….. To be continue….. “When I can’t forget you”.
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