I miss you mum (6) story by Dindy

I miss you mum (6) story by Dindy


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My dad came back 5 mins later, with our church prayer warriors –We had 5 powerful prayer warriors in our church, but only 2 came–. When I saw them, I greeted them, but I was confused because I was thinking that it was just one person that was coming.
My dad, can’t be directing the prayer warriors to this hospital because they came here to pray for my mum, two days ago. Bro Mathew and kelvin (the prayer warriors), asked mum how she was.
She replied them both “I am getting better”.
As my dad and the prayer warriors were talking, someone entered. I couldn’t see the person’s face because my aunty and the prayer warriors were blocking my view of the entrance door.
They all gave chance for the person to see my mum, It was the nurse that brought drugs for my mum before.
I said to myself “I wonder what she wants again, I pray it should be that she was sent by the nurse downstairs to inject my little bro with sleeping drugs because he is kinda disturbing me”.
When my little bro saw her, he sat down one place (fear-fear boy), the nurse did a quick check on my mum, then she changed the drip my mum was on because it was in its last era. When the nurse was done, she turned to my dad and said “She needs to sleep”.
My dad said “Ok, I’ll be leaving for a church program very soon”, then the nurse left.
After 5 minutes that the nurse left, my dad’s phone rang, it was that same person that has been trying to locate the hospital since morning.
My dad picked it, but this time he answered the call in front of us, then the next thing he said was “Are you out side now, ok I am coming”.
He moved out with his phone still on his left ear. After he left, I started having this uncomfortable feeling, my bladder was fully loaded with urine, I needed to goto the toilet or else I would wet both the bed and myself.
I told my mum, then she directed me to the toilet where I could urinate. After listing to my mum’s direction, I quickly moved out side to find my way to the toilet.
I looked to the left side as my mum told me and I followed, my mum told me to pass three doors, then I would see the toilet by my right. I walked straight down very fast, passing the first, second and third door.
I heard sounds until I got to the end of the road –Maybe some people were giving birth or maybe they were in pain that was caused by an accident–, then I looked to my right and finally I saw the toilet, I opened the toilet door fast-fast and quickly freed myself off the load I was carrying.
After every-every, I washed my hands and wiped it with a small white soft cloth I saw there –I am no white man, but when i see new things, i must try it out. Sometimes we got to behave like white men–.
The cloth was very soft, they wrote on the wall where the soft cloths were hanged “Please put in trash after use”. I didn’t throw it away –Why would a 9ja guy like me, see a white soft cloth and throw it away, when I didn’t use it to wipe my a*s–.
I put the cloth in my back pocket, then I moved out. I was out side the toilet with my left hand still at my back pocket and still trying to force the soft cloth into my back pocket –My back pocket was very small– .
When i looked straight, I saw a woman fighting for life, I stoped and watched what was happening. The nurses that were there, were trying to hold the woman down, but she was struggling so hard for air.
Finally another nurse came with a big cylinder, which looked like my house gas cylinder, then she did some connections and placed something on the woman’s nose. The woman immediately relaxed, I was shocked and scared because I had never seen anything like that in my whole life. I quickly walked back to my mum’s room.
When I got back to my mum’s room, my dad was already there with one of our church elders, who was the one that had been calling my dad since. We did a little prayer, then my dad left with the prayer warriors and the elder for a church program.
The time was 2pm, so my aunty told my mum that we would go home to cook and incase if she wants to eat, that there is fired rice in the second nylon. my mum just replied with a dizzy eyes “Ok no problem”.
My aunty said “I’ll come back in the evening with food, for you to eat at night”.
My mum was about to say something when I said “Mummy I’m not going, i’ll stay here with you”.
My mum said “Neil, you have to go, you have to prepare for church tomorrow and school on monday, go home and do every necessary thing you need to do”.
After she said that I didn’t know what to say again, I then remembered that my maths and English teacher gave us an assignment in school and if i fail to do it, they will deal with me mercilessly with no pity –I was more afraid of my math teacher because he flogged dangerously, no Cain duster could dust his Cain. The day my ass met with his Cain oh God, it was as if my ass was on top of a gas cooker–.
I just had to accept, we all told her good bye. As I made a step out side the door, I don’t know what came over me, I turned back and ran to hug my mum.
As I hugged her, I said “Mum I’m already missing you”.
She replied “I know my superstar, don’t worry I will soon be with you at home”.
She gave me a kiss on my forehead, which really got to my heart and made me cry………to be continue…..”When life becomes sweet”.
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