I Just Met Her

I just met her. I met her at a saloon.  It was an ordinary meeting, there was nothing special about it, there was no gaze holding, no lightning spark in our eyes, no instant feeling of telepathic connection.  There was no reaction, no chemistry or the semblance of it. I just met her.
She was under the hair dryer when I came in, covered up to her neck with a white towel. The heat of the hair dryer formed little beads of sweat around her forehead. She had a smooth triangular face that tapered towards a pointed chin. Her eyes were her best feature, brown coloured iris that shone against the background of bright white eyes. In between those dazzling beautiful eyes was the stem of a nose that ran a straight course downwards. She had carefully carved out lips, the type that made her look like a very beautiful painting. Full and succulent, they parted to show a perfect set of glistening white teeth, that sparkled when she smiled. It was such a sight to behold. Her rosy cheeks gave way to beautiful dimples that made her the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

I just met her. It was an ordinary meeting, but she stayed in my memory for a long time. Sometimes she would appear in my dreams and smile. At other times she would be on my Business law textbook. I would shake her over and over again, she would refuse to leave. She would appear in the darkness whenever I closed my eyes. She was everywhere I went. She was waiting for me after evening lectures, she would appear whenever I finished playing football, she was in my kitchen cooking with me, and one day when I tried to fry ripe plantains, I saw her face in the hot spread of red oil.

It was a dry harmattan November. The new semester just began. I was in my final year at the university. Two months had passed since I met her. She was appearing less often in my dreams now. She no longer stood in my face after school. I had to close my eyes strongly if I wanted to see her. The harmattan breeze was blowing her away from my head. It was the time of the year that was my favourite. The strong smell of earth  filled my lungs, Oleh campus was a flurry of activity during this Period. Fresh students filled every space with their fresh looks, well pressed clothes and exotic cologne. I had stopped at the popular coca cola booth that stood at the middle of the campus, sipping my soda when I saw her. My heart skipped a beat, a churning knot tied in my stomach. I suddenly became lightheaded in disbelief. I slapped myself severally. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. As she walked towards the coca cola booth, I could hear my heart thumping, so loud that I looked around to see if the man on blue denim jeans or the lady wearing tight revealing leggings beside me had heard it. She smiled at me when she got tired of how my gaze traced her steps to the counter as she ordered for a drink. It was not a special smile, it was an ordinary one. The type that demands to know why I look at her that way. I could barely breathe, talk less of returning the smile. She just bought her drink and walked away.

14 thoughts on “I Just Met Her” by Dode (@Odis)

  1. Crafty, genuine and suspenseful. I truly enjoyed the piece

  2. @chetty. Thank you boss, am glad u did enjoy it. The piece achieved its purpose then.

  3. Reminds me of a song “I just met you…”

    1. @fikayomi, thanks for reading. I hope it was a good enough reminder.

  4. Amazing! I like how you made a beautiful story from a series of events that many would not even have thought of writing down, considering he did not even get to meet her.

    1. @abionaali, thanks for reading. Am glad you liked it.

  5. Reality rarely lives up to what our minds can build. A pretty piece even with the borderline obsession. Thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish

    1. Thanks @just2day, for reading.
      Nice perspective: “Boderline Obsession”.
      Am happy you enjoyed it.

  6. “Dangerously-in-crush”

    1. @mayree, thanks for reading.
      Very funny.

  7. The ending murdered me.
    I loved, loved, loved the repetitive “I just met her.” Simplicity at its best.

    1. @ufuomaotebele, thanks for reading.
      Thanks for the comment. Am happy you liked it.

  8. I love the crafting of this tale.

  9. @Pete, Thanks for reading. It’s good to know you loved it.

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