A Young Girl’s Wish For Christmas

Dear Lord,
I thank you for bringing me this far in 2016. Though I don’t have a reasonable clothe neither do I have any shoes but my wish for Christmas is that:
You do something new in my life that is beyond human reasoning and that you bless my Family and make us strong in you and more so that you bless every eyes that might mistakenly read this and meet their heart desires and heal the pain in their hearts that words cannot utter.

I hope the postman gets this to you soon. But I know you are reading over my head. Now can you hasten it to perform it? I know you will and I bless you for that.

Much Love From Your Best Friend and Daughter

5 thoughts on “A Young Girl’s Wish For Christmas” by Fikayo (@@fikayomi)

  1. Amen. Thanks for the blessing, May God answer all our prayers. HNY in advance.

  2. Amen. Compliment of the season Levuz

  3. Amen, I grab the prayers attached to this write up….

  4. The list for the new year is undeniable endless…Compliments of the season. May the good desires of our hearts come true through Christ our Lord.

  5. The innocent prayer of a child does not fail to amaze one, and it’s always a reminder of how we should pray.


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