We are Unique in Our Own Way.

We are Unique in Our Own Way.

For the solely fact that We are created with a black skin doesn’t mean We should be reasoning in a manner that is black. How can We do away with our self esteem so easily and continue wallowing in the pit of self pity.  I am referring to  that chronic disease of “inferiority complex” that is battling with us now and then in this Country, yeah, this Country.  Despite the obvious fact of perceiving how the White in their sphere  are differentiating   themselves from the Black mainly because of Colour differences, We  still choose them as our Demigod. We believe they are the only set of people that can do it right neglecting our own potential of doing it better . We all find means of going to their Countries, being part of them, living their way of life, looking exactly like them. But have We ever sit  down and ask Ourselves this simple question “Did these people feel this way for Us also?”. Truth must be said , we all know they never did the same way for us. All what majority of them feel for us is hatred . Some even never believe We are relevant Human being. We have eyes, why do we want to make it useless by not sighting with it ? We have minds why aren’t we using it to feel what is best for us? And most importantly we have brains, which embedded our cerebrum, why are we not making use of it for reasonings. Even if some of Us want to have children, We  prefer to go and give birth to Our babies in  some of their Countries, simply because We want our Children to be their Citizens (Citizenship by birth).  Then it baffles Me, How many a time have you seen a White woman coming to our country to give birth to her baby so that her child will  be citizen of our Country?, How many time have you seen a White woman using  creams to darken her skin (so as to look like us). Why can’t we appreciate our colour, our community, our tradition and culture for once?. If we are not proud of Ourselves as  blacks no other Colour will be proud of us… Lets take time and appreciate our inner beauty. We are Unique in our own way.

2 thoughts on “We are Unique in Our Own Way.” by Abdulquadir (@Abdulquadri11)

  1. Good concept. Try to pay attention to your punctuation in subsequent posts.

  2. @simisolaade… Thanks very much for pointing that out. I really appreciate it actually. Buh it was also due to the fact that I had to type the stuff on phone. So I just had to keep struggling with the punctuations from the outset of the writing till the end of it.

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