To Love…When It’s Right

To Love…When It’s Right

These words are dedicated to lovers all over.
Ps: I love your Love!

Where do I start from?
So I was listening to Beyonce’s You are my rock’ and it just reminded me of the kind of love we dream of. You know, that love cynics say don’t exist but c’mon, this is a huge world, anything can happen. So I want to believe that somewhere out there, people are actually enjoying that kind of high-tension love.
It might not sweep you off your feet all the time, it might be slow and steady but the times when it comes and you look at your partner and you’re just amazed at the feelings erupting within you at the sight of them. You just wonder, how did I find this person? Like Asa would sing, how did love find me?

Nowadays, we hear things like yoruba demons, women that cheat, guys that are just after sex and things like that. Definitely those things decreases our beliefs in the chances that we might find true love. We hardly hear about the couples that really do make it, that are stable and still in love with each other. And when we do read their stories-which is rare, we are surprised that in the midst of trials and temptations especially in this times, there are couples like these that are still true to themselves and their commitment to one another. Let’s just say it gives us hope.

I am a Love fan and no matter how my neighbour constantly argues with her husband or the way they make their relationship seem like work and sometimes make me fear that MY relationship might end up like that in future? Everynight when the light goes out, I have someone that always assures me that what we have is and will always be different from theirs, I know he loves me and anytime I reach out to him, his hand is always outstretched to receive mine.
So here’s a toast;

To Mr and Mrs A – The man who still calls his wife ‘Fine girl’ even after so many years of marriage. I love you guys and I want a relationship far better than yours. Imagine how that would be? Out of this world!
To lovers, who knows what it feels like to call someone ‘mine’, who’ve experienced storms and still find ways to pet each other. To couples still finding their feet in coupledom but are so aware and assured of their partner’s feelings and intentions towards them, here is a ‘girl’ who is in awe of your relationship and is so roooting for you guys.

This won’t be complete without my love.
To Chris (Insert the name of your love),
I love you, I adore you. You’ve been everything good to me. When I’m in a joyous mood everyone knows you have a hand in it and when I’m really hurting, they know you’re the cause. You didn’t promise me a ride through life without bumps but you assured me that you would always be there, even when I’m sick of your presence.
You didn’t promise that you won’t hurt me but you promised that for everytime you made me cry, I would laugh a thousand times. And when I’m in your arms, my world feels just right. Thank you for those, thank you for everything. I love you!
And finally, To Love….when it’s right.

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