The Other Side Of The Mirror



He looked at his watch for the umpteenth time, there was still no information as to when his flight to the UK would be ready. It had been scheduled for 1pm that afternoon, but now almost 3pm, here he still was at the departure lounge of the airport, with no official reason as to why he and the other passengers were being delayed. News had leaked into the lounge that the flight was being delayed, due to technical issues, and would be sorted out shortly, so the wait. At the time Bunmi heard this, he had chuckled to himself ‘better late than never’, but he was not so amused anymore. This delay meant him being unable to move as scheduled the minute he touched the UK. He prided himself with being one that kept to schedules, never failed to follow up on things. He linked his success to this trait and believed that one had to be focused on never failing to meet laid down targets. At forty he had achieved quite a lot in life, he was top executive in a multi-national company, also running a very lucrative consultancy firm by the side. He was married to a very beautiful and lovely wife (he smiled at himself at this). Failure to have kids in his marriage did not disturb him, although he was beginning to feel this was disturbing his wife and affecting their marriage, but as long as business was good, life was good, nothing else mattered. His mind came back to his present surroundings. He looked at his watch again, it was way passed 3pm. More than two hours wasted.
“Good day sir”
Bunmi looked up adjusting his glasses, standing in front of him was a large rounded woman, wearing a gown spotted with flowers, holding a baby on one arm and bags on the other hand.
“Good day sir” she repeated, “Could you please help me with my bags, my baby is about to fall out of my arms” she snickered.
Bunmi jumped up to grab the bags while she adjusted the baby in her arm. She thanked him as she collected her bags from him, he responded, ‘It was nothing’ with a big smile on his face. As she walked away, Bunmi feeling glad to be of help. ‘Now that’s one fat bitch, with an ugly assed baby’ he thought to himself, he immediately was shocked with himself that he could have such thoughts, thoughts that he considered as vile. He detested people who used foul language, and regarded himself as being way above the level of such people. One could never hear him utter foul words and curse, but now and then such vulgar words would pop-up in his mind before he could check himself, and he truly hated that. He attributed this behavior to his exposure to such language by the media and people around him. He clearly did not want to think about it anymore. He shifted his attention to a couple seated not very far from him, young couple, looking like in their early 20s, obviously at the peak of their love from the way they were smiling and starring into each other’s eyes. He and Dupe were once like that, when he could just lie down and stare at his wife all day and not bother about a thing, but not anymore, not like before, it was now like throwing ones heart into an open well and wandering why one was not getting anything back in return. He still loved Dupe with all his heart but she seemed to be slipping away from him with each passing day. He tried to do everything he used to do when they first fell in love and be the same man Dupe fell in love with, but none of this seemed to work anymore.
She always tried to make it look like she was happy, but he could always see into her eyes, that the smile was not true. Their love life was also deteriorating, not the fire it used to be, he always had to initiate lovemaking and she never returned the love. He would not say he was a stud and great in bed, but she did not complain and that made things ok. They had been married six years now and had been told by countless doctors that everything was ok with them both as regards the childlessness. He tried to not allow all this affect him, since he had work and a business to run. His thoughts came back to the young couple, who were now laughing out loud at something they had said to each other and he missed that. After everything he had, he missed that. It suddenly occurred to him that it could be that he was working too hard, he was actually dedicating more time to work than his marriage. And this could solely be the cause of Dupe’s attitude to the marriage. He really needed to change that perception. He suddenly felt so empty, and knew exactly what he was supposed to do. He was going home to his wife, the trip could be cancelled, he could always call with an excuse. He was glad for the flight delay, he would have been in the air going farther away from his marriage. He was going home!



In a cab on his way home, Bunmi had wanted to call Daniel his driver to come pick him up but thought not to bother him. Daniel had dropped him at the airport and wanted to wait till he was in the air before leaving, but he had insisted Daniel go back to the house immediately, just in case Dupe needed him to go out. Dupe never really enjoyed driving and would always need someone to do the driving anytime there was someone available, hence she made use of Daniel more often. Unlike Bunmi, he only needed Daniel for errands and dropping him off at the airport. Daniel acted as help and driver at home, Bunmi never liked the idea of too many people in the house. A cleaning woman came in the mornings to clean, so it was just Him, Dupe and Daniel. Home was more peaceful that way. His thoughts wandered to how he would surprise Dupe with the cancelling of his trip and promising to stay home more. He would take her out tonight and get her anything that she desired, he would have stopped to get her flowers or something, but he always considered flowers as lame, and just wanted to see Dupe, so straight home he should go without any stoppings.
The trip home to Ajah was longer than usual, Lagos traffic had a part to play, he wanted to make the necessary phone calls about the cancellation of his trip but decided against it for now, he was not in the mood to make up any excuses to anyone at the moment knowing that he would be the last person to accept any kind of excuse for cancelling a business trip. He asked the cab driver to put some music on
“Oga, you like rap music?” The driver asked. Bunmi with a forced pretend smile “Just play something to distract me”
“Okay, it’s the only kind of music I have in the car” the driver responded.
Eminem’s voice came on with the rap song ‘The Way I Am’ the cab driver, obviously an Eminem fan was rapping along to the lyrics under his breath. Bunmi tried to focus on something else, but the language of the music was too strong and too foul to just ignore. He wandered how and why language in music should be so strong and foul, obviously words from a demented lunatic. The cab driver was obviously in Eminem heaven, because immediately after that track another Eminem song came on.
Bunmi asked “How can you possibly enjoy music like this, what can you possibly get from this?”
“Oga you won’t understand, I dey feel the guy as in”
“Ok, continue feeling the guy, just please turn the volume down a bit” Bunmi told him.
“Okay sir” replied the cab driver, turning down the volume.
After the long journey, and a lot of rap songs later, Bunmi’s head was full, and could not wait to just get out of the cab. As the cab approached his house, Bunmi paid the fare, the cab driver gave him his card.
“Please sir, my contact card with all my numbers, you can call at any time of the day sir, I will show up”
Bunmi collected the card murmuring thanks and no problem, and at the same time trying to get as far away from the cab and driver as possible.


Bunmi got out of the cab, picked his bags and went to his gate. It was already dark, Dupe would be glued to one of her TV shows as she usually is, at around this time. Daniel would be at his quarters, probably playing video games. He got his phone out to call Daniel to come open the gates for him, but after two attempts with the network not connecting him. He reached for his keys with him, there was a spare key to the gate there, he had never had cause to use the spare key before, so he had trouble recognizing it. On trying the third key the gate opened and he entered into the compound. Humming to himself as he walked up the driveway, he needed Daniel to get the car ready for tonight, tonight had to be special for Dupe. He went to Daniel’s quarters, getting close, the music coming from there was loud, he had to pass by the window to get to Daniel’s door, the curtains were partially drawn, but with the lights on inside and the darkness outside he could see clearly into the room, and wasn’t expecting the eyeful he got when he did look inside. Daniel had one of his girls inside. Bunmi had been aware that Daniel sneaked in girls into his quarters and had wanted to stop this, but Dupe dissuaded him from doing so, saying that Daniel was young and usually alone most of the time, so he should be allowed to have his fun now and then as long as he was not causing any trouble. Bunmi was ok with that just because Dupe stopped him. So he was not surprised that Daniel had a girl with him, but he was fully stupefied at the position in which they were in. they were both naked on the bed, she lying on her back, with her knees up and thighs spread, Daniel had his head bobbing up and down between her thighs, the way she was moving, shaking and her moans muffled with the pillows, he did not need to be told what Daniel was doing to her. All of him wanted to get away from that window, and pretend he did not see anything, but his body seemed rooted to the spot, watching this sexual act before him with intent interest. Daniel his back to the window, brought up his head and raised himself up, kneeling between the girl’s legs, he then gently replaced his mouth with his penis and started to thrust gently into her, then increasing the pace, the girl’s scream was being muffled by the pillows on her face, if not, Dupe would be able to hear the screams too. Daniel maintained the thrusting for quite a while and the moans were growing all so louder, Bunmi rooted to the spot started to sweat a little, he hated himself for standing there watching, but could not help himself when he started to feel his trousers tighten in front from a bulging erection. He so hated himself right now, but could only continue to watch. In the room Daniel had stopped thrusting between the girl’s legs, and was now standing above her like a Zulu warrior with his legs on both sides of her body, sweat all over his back. He seemed to be looking down at her and talking, the music drowned his voice so he could not hear what Daniel was saying. He walked to the head of the bed, and stopped just above her head. He then slowly knelt down removing the pillows from her head and then gently put his penis into her mouth and slowly started going in and out of her mouth. There was no way she could scream now Bunmi thought. This continued until Daniel arched his back and threw his head back with orgasmic shout. He then got off the girl to lay beside her on the bed. She then raised her head to rest on his chest, that was when Bunmi saw her face clearly, and froze on the spot! Dupe! He blacked out.


Bunmi opened his eyes slowly like he was awakening from sleep, his brain trying to comprehend what his eyes were adjusting to. He was seated naked on a chair, still trying to figure out where he was why he was, then he saw the bodies, his eyes opened fully then and he saw the blood, it seemed to be everywhere. He became immediately cold, he was in the same room with dead bodies, he had never been this close to a corpse before not to talk of two. He was afraid to look at the bodies, but strained himself to look, and shrieked when he saw it was Dupe all bloodied up on the bed, Daniel was on the floor near the door. Then he noticed the shovel lying on the floor next to the chair with the blade stained with blood. He looked at Dupe again and started to cry, and was about to go to her when he heard a voice speak sternly
“Will you shut up and sit down”.
Bunmi jumped back into the chair frightened like a child looking around him, eyes wide, wondering who had just spoken.
“Hehehe…, you need to see what you look like now, like a fucking chicken!” The voice said.
Bunmi looked around again, he heard the voice as clear as day, but he was alone in the room, was Daniel talking to him from the dead, was he going mad?
“Will you stop thinking too much, you are giving me a headache, I can fucking hear your thoughts! That’s a funny one.., talking from the dead!”
By now Bunmi was about to run out of the room naked and screaming when the voice spoke to him again “Calm down Bunmi, calm down, now breath, slowly. Don’t look at the bodies, let’s pretend you are not here, no, fuck it, let’s pretend they are not here, now relax. Breath. Good”
Bunmi actually began to listen, and did seat down, like a school pupil being soothed by his teacher.
“Are you ok?” the voice asked? Bunmi nodded, wondering how in hell he could be ok.
”Good, I can understand to an extent what you are going thru, I mean I’d fucking shit in my pants too, if I were  you, but, that’s the thing, I’m not like you, I am you, but way different. I fucking hated the way you are. Sorry I didn’t introduce myself” Bunmi continued to nod like in understanding
“Are you listening to me? You are still looking like an idiot with the way you are nodding”
Bunmi replied with his voice barely audible “Yes”
“Good, I was about to introduce myself, my name like yours is also Bunmi, I am you, the non-pussy side of you that is, I have been quiet for too long, and have had to endure alot of your shit over the years, but that animal fucking the bitch of a wife we call Dupe! No, no, no, no, not taking that shit, if I’d left that shit to you, you’d probably run to the house crying, no, no, I had to do something, something for us. You are still looking really confused. Get up, you want to see me? Go to that mirror over there, c’mon get up go to the mirror.”
Bunmi slowly got up and walked to the mirror.
“C’mon look into the mirror” the voice said.
Bunmi peered into the mirror and for a brief second, he actually thought he was going to see someone or something else, but only saw himself. He eyes were bloodshot, he looked scrawny standing here naked, and for some reason that he could not comprehend he had a big grin on his face, his reflection in the mirror seemingly looked very happy to see him. He thought to himself ‘I must be going mad!’
“Some freaky shit huh? Like in that Spiderman movie huh? I’m sure you never thought crazy was just around the corner from you, right? Hahaha…, just kidding, you are not crazy, you’re just freaked out, I should’ve spoken to you long ago, I just allowed things slide. I just liked to watch. But this is me, this is us. I have influenced your decisions a little, but mostly allowed you full control. I have always been your here for you.
Bunmi still studying his reflection that seemed to be talking back at him, asked “So I am not crazy?”
“No you are not” his reflection answered. “You are just freaked out, it’s normal, I mean anyone who sees their lovely homely beautiful wife being fucked in the mouth by the help, would surely freak out, nuclear fucking meltdown. So my friend you need to relax, and let me do the thinking here”
Bunmi nodded “Ok”, then gesturing at the bodies, he asked “Did I do that?”
“Hahaha…., no my friend, you don’t have the balls for shit like that, that was all me, the fuckers had it coming. To think that we actually came home to make this bitch happy, and this is what we get, our wife being fucked by Daniel, to think that I was actually having a boner watching them fuck, hahaha…, you wanted to leave but I was enjoying watching the show, didn’t know the show was going to turn around and bite! I lost it, I lost it, went all Freddie Krueger on them. They fucking deserved it. We don’t need that kind of shit in our lives. I didn’t mean to do anything to her, but the bitch just kept on screaming, I had to shut her up. Told her to shut up, then I remembered the dick in her mouth and I had to shut her up. Hehe… no more dick sucking for that mouth anymore. If only she had just shut up when I told her to”
Bunmi looked at Dupe’s body more closely now, her face was bloodied, he felt sickened just looking at her, he wondered if she died quickly or not. His thoughts were answered
“She died quickly, I didn’t let her suffer, but that motherfucker, I watched him bleed! If you turn his body over, you’ll see what I did to his dick! Beat the fuck out of it with that shovel, even in hell, he won’t be able to fuck with it.”
“Truly don’t know how she could do this to me, after all that I did for her. I know she wasn’t happy, I know I was spending too much time at work, but she didn’t have to this.” Bunmi feeling dejected went to have a sit, “She could have said something. She should have allowed ne to know what was eating her inside, now this. Did she have to die?” Bunmi asked.
“I already told you, I didn’t mean to, but she was screaming, I told her to shut up, I truly did, but no, she screamed louder. And don’t start getting all sad and mushy here, the bitch deserved it, just imagine, we didn’t come back home when we did, this shit would still be going on, and she’d be fucking kissing us with that mouth.”
“But, she was my wife!” Bunmi shouted, his eyes rimmed with tears. “My wife! Not our wife! I should decide  whether she deserved to die or not! Not you!
“Bunmi, whether you like it or not, I also have a say in this, you were being too much of a pussy to notice, but I have been here, as far back as when that fuck of a stepdad used to lock you and beat you up! Where do you think I came from! All the hate and anger and wishing you could kill him! Bunmi you made me, but you allowed yourself to be broken and be ridden and be told what to do, but that didn’t kill me, I only withdrew into the shadows and watched, watched you turn into the pussy that you are, even with all the wealth and success you still lacked what it took to be a real man, that bitch wouldn’t be fucking someone else if you knew how to fuck, your friends and family won’t loath and laugh at you behind your back if you were in total control. No, I couldn’t watch anymore, so, yes, I have a say, and yes, she deserved it.”
Bunmi was crying now, and kept on repeating that he was sorry.
The voice told him not to be sorry “There’s nothing to be sorry, you’ve done no wrong, so don’t be sorry. I’m here now, you don’t have to be sorry for anything anymore.
Bunmi nodded, he had stopped crying now, “What do we do? What do we do with the bodies?”.
“Aaaah! Good question, now you are being proactive. I never thought that far ahead you know?, but we do have to get rid of the bodies. There’s already a shovel hehehe…”
“We could bury them outside in the garden” Bunmi said.
“Yes we could, but was thinking of doing that somewhere else, far away from here”
“Let’s move the bodies, wait, why don’t we have any clothes on?”
“I couldn’t stand the smell of the blood on our clothes, I had to take them off, then seeing her naked gave me some nasty ideas, but nah!”
Bunmi bent to move Daniel “Wow! This guy weighs a ton, won’t even bulge’
“If only you had dedicated sometime to the gym lifting weights instead of reading all the time, we’d move this fucker easily”
Still trying “No, this isn’t working, don’t want to break my back doing this” Bunmi said.
“Yes, I think we should get some help”
Bunmi almost shouted “Help?, From where?”
“Just think, am sure we have some sleazy friends who would be willing to help for something in return”
“I don’t know or have such friends” Bunmi replied.
“Hahaha…, that’s because you don’t really know people, you don’t really look into their eyes, and you can tell alot about a person just by looking into their eyes. Your supposed friend Tunde, he’s a viable candidate”
“Tunde? Tunde Badmus?”
“Yes, the very one” the voice answered.
“But Tunde is not that kind of person. I know him very well”
“You think you know him, but like I said, you really don’t look at people, which is why most people see you, as sitting down on your high horse and looking down on people. People don’t like that attribute in a man. Which is why you don’t know Tunde for who he truly is. Call him up and tell him you need his assistance for an urgent issue, I’m telling you, he won’t even ask why you are calling him so late, all he’s going to think about is how he’s going to take advantage of any situation that he meets here. Trust me, just call him up and see.”
Bunmi looked around for his clothes, his phone was in his pants, got the phone and dialled Tunde Badmus’ number. Tunde answered after the second dialling tone. “Hello Bunmi”.
“Tunde, evening, How are you?”
“Boss am good, I heard you were out of town”
“I am still very much around, I had to cancel, something really urgent came up, which is the reason for calling you so late, I hope i’m not disturbing”
“Not at all boss, what is it? How can I help?”
“It’s a really serious issue, and I’m in real trouble here, you are the only one I can turn to for help now, it’s not something I can discuss on the phone, you’ll need to be present here, as fast as possible. Can you make it?”
“Not a problem boss, I’ll be there soon”. Bunmi often wondered why Tunde always referred to him as boss when he was not an employee, but a friend, but chose never to ask why, too busy.
“Told you he’d come fast, that’s the first stage, we’ll see how he handles the issue on ground”
“What if he freaks out? Like I did” Bunmi said.
“No he won’t, he has a glint in his eyes you don’t see, a glint that shows he knows things that you can’t be involved in”
“Ok, let’s hope you are right” Bunmi said.
“In the meantime you might want to put some clothes on, it would be kind of awkward if Tunde should see us like this”.
“Yes, that would be awkward”. Bunmi replied. And off to the main building to put on some clothes he went.


Bunmi’s phone rang exactly 30mins later, Tunde was at the gate already. Bunmi went to get him. As he opened the greeted Tunde, he immediately looked around behind Tunde , just to be sure Tunde was alone and no one else was in Tunde’s car park close to the gate.
“Tunde thanks for coming, I am in dire need of help, please, you have to help me, I didn’t have anyone else to turn to, please.” Bunmi started to burst into sobs.
“Bunmi, Bunmi, please calm down, what is it? Please talk to me, what is it?”
Bunmi cleaned his face “It’s terrible, really terrible, I’ll make it up to you, please.”
“Bunmi calm down please, calm down, please talk to me, I am sure we can fix this.” Tunde almost shouted.
“Ok, come with me, I don’t know what happened, I don’t know what happened.” Bunmi kept on repeating as they got to Daniel’s door.
“What happened? What do you mean?” Tunde asked.
Bunmi opened the door and Tunde peered inside “Oh my God! Jesus! What’s this?” He was backing away from the door.
Bunmi stood behind him “Please, you have to help me, please, I don’t know what happened. My my my trip, I cancelled it, I I I came back home, and I saw Daniel having sex with Dupe, I saw them, and that’s all I remember, next thing I know, they were like that, I to God truly don’t know what happened.
“Oh no, this is not good, not good at all, and you think I can help?” Tunde asked.
“I need to take care of this, I need someone to help with the bodies” Bunmi said
“And you chose me? Why would you think like that, I don’t want to be messed up with shit like this! No!”
“But Tunde, you have to help me, please, I don’t want to go to prison, I can’t go to prison, we just have to put the bodies in the ground, I haven’t told anyone I cancelled my trip. Please you have to help, I’ll do anything, please”
The part of Bunmi’s talk, ‘I’ll do anything’ immediately got the cogs in Tunde’s head into gear.
“Ok Bunmi, what do you have in mind?” his voice subtle now.
“I just need help to bury them out in the garden, that’s all, I will be out of the country on the next flight”
“What about me?” Tunde asked “When you are out of the country, what happens to me?”
Bunmi answered quickly “You can travel out immediately too, if you want. With the bodies in the ground, it will be a while before anyone knows that they’ve been missing for too long, by then we’ll be long gone. If you didn’t mention to anyone that you were coming here tonight, or that I called you, then you are in the clear and don’t have to leave.”
“I didn’t tell anyone, I was at the club when you called, came straight here.” Tunde looked at his watch “And if I get home before dawn, no one will even notice my absence.”
“Let’s start quickly then, I was thinking of the garden, close to that tree” Bunmi said, already going for the shovel.
“No, it will be too obvious there, besides the roots of the tree would make digging difficult. There, by the fence, the part that some digging has just been done. The ground will be softer there, and might go unnoticed.”
“Ok, fine, let me get another shovel, so we can start immediately. Do we dig two holes or a very big one?” Bunmi asked, already going to pick another shovel.
“Let’s dig one big hole, it easier and going to be far quicker. It doesn’t have to be too deep, you don’t have too many visitors, so nobody would notice anything unusual.” Tunde replied. Bunmi had gotten the other shovel and they both entered the room. Tunde took in the scene in the room well, now that he was a bit more relaxed with the situation. He looked at Daniel on the floor, then shifted his gaze to Dupe on the bed, and could not help but linger longer, taking in the sight of Dupe’s naked body. He thought to himself ‘Always knew this babe was hot, wouldn’t have minded a go, myself’ Bunmi’s voice broke his thoughts, he was also looking at Dupe’s body “She’s beautiful huh? The cheating bitch! Was here thinking I didn’t deserve her, didn’t know that she didn’t deserve me. Fucking bitch, fucking the help!’ Tunde turned to look at Bunmi, surprised that he had never heard Bunmi talk in that tone and use such language before. Bunmi actually had a smirk on his face. “Bitch got it coming, just sad that I wasn’t the one to give her the last fuck!” Tunde was shocked now. “Bunmi! What happened? You knew what you were doing!” Bunmi stuttered “No, no, not really, I mean yes, I guess I must’ve done it, I was the only one here, wasn’t I? but I don’t know how it happened, I mean it was all so fast, I don’t know what happened, one minute I was outside, the next I was inside, and there was blood, lots of it, and then I was in that chair over there. That’s all” Bunmi was breathing fast now “But all that’s passed now, let’s look to cleaning this mess up. The faster the better, we have to get out of this place quickly. Are you coming with me? Are you staying?”
‘Huh? Me?” Tunde asked
“There’s only two of us here, who’d I be talking to? Them?” Bunmi replied still with a smirk. Tunde was still surprised at this change in Bunmi and all of a sudden ruled out the option of leaving the country with him. “I’ll stay” Tunde replied. “I mean, nobody saw me come here, and I didn’t tell anyone I was coming here, so I think I am covered. I’ll just need money to take care of some things here, and enough money to get out of the country just in case the need arises. About Twenty Million Naira should cover everything” as he was saying this, he was also thinking that asking for that amount was fair, after all, this was not a minor issue, So twenty million was an ok amount, for now.
“Ok, ok, that shouldn’t be a problem, I can wire the money to you, immediately we are done here.” Bunmi told him. Tunde was quite happy with the answer. Together they carried the bodies outside, Daniel first, then Dupe. The bodies were dropped close to the wall, and the shovels picked up. Some water pipes had just been replaced around there, so the soil was truly soft and would be easy to dig.
“Bunmi, don’t worry, I can handle this” when he saw Bunmi pick up a shovel and attempting to start digging, “I can do this alone, you can go and do other things, like our exit” already wanting to do more so as to warrant the money he wanted from Bunmi.
“That’s not going to be a problem, together we’ll be much faster. All we have to do is just walk out that gate, we were never here. Besides i have never really used a shovel to dig before”. They dug together in silence for a while, Bunmi muttering to himself sometimes, Tunde wondering if Bunmi was ok, and still in shock from what he had done. Tunde broke the silence “Who would have thought, that you had the balls to pull off shit like this, ice cold shit!” Bunmi looked up, stopping his dig replied “Like i told you, I truly don’t know how it happened. It just happened. I’m still trying to see myself as someone that has killed, a murderer. I’m having difficulty accepting that fact, that I could kill my wife. But i couldn’t help but notice how easily you adjusted to the situation, almost like you are used to things like this. I was afraid you’d freak out on me, but you stayed instead. I wish i had that kind of courage.”
Tunde laughed softly “Let’s just say, there’s a lot of things that you don’t know about me, and your kind of life don’t like to get mixed with the kind of things that I know, so I figured you not know most of the things I know”
“Things that involve dead people?” Bunmi asked.
Tunde chucked “Trust me, shit worse than that. And you are beginning to ask too many questions. We are almost done here, shouldn’t you be doing that transfer now?, the earlier the better, need to be as far arsed away as possible from this place. Getting involved with dead people is some dangerous and expensive shit, so one needs to cover their trail very well”
“Yes” Bunmi replied, looking at the blisters that had formed in his palms “cover all trails and witnesses”. He moved so fast he didn’t know he could, slamming the shovel so hard against Tunde’s Head “No witnesses”. He hits Tunde twice on the head again and struck Tunde’s neck with the blade of the shovel, all the while muttering “No witnesses”. He looked at the hole they had dug, and smiled “All three of them can fit in”.


Bunmi stared out the window sitting at the back of the cab, heading farther away from the Island. He was glad he had the Cab driver’s card. The darkness looked so peaceful this early in the morning, he felt light, unburdened, and free, this felt like a new him, this felt good, he smiled to himself. Music was on in the cab, Eminem’s ‘3am’ was playing, how he knew the lyrics to the song, he did not understand, but he murmured along with the song with a smile on his face. “Oga, you are feeling this song abi?” the cab driver said happily. Bunmi replied with a smirk, “Yeah, truly fucking feeling the song”

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