Perception Pt.1

Take your time to see... perception is a fox, only understanding is worthy of trust.
Take your time to see… perception is a fox, only understanding is worthy of trust.

They tell you the man with the packet of cigarettes is irresponsible
The lady with piercings and tats is a part-time prostitute
The man with dreadlocks escaped the mentally deranged hospital
What else does this catastrophic society tell you?

My life’s been a lot worse since I got locks
many people with strong belief of Antoine’s loss
Frequent calls from society to pops
Cause locks on hair equals Antoine’s lost.
But there’s an exception for the man with the locks with the bucks.
Oh! How the ambitious went astray,
Because he became a fan of the ashtray
Then society brands us useless
Just like they stereotype Muslims violent.
Until society switched definitions last minute, simply because he was able to make the pay.

Justify your claims with the saying
‘Dress how you wish to be addressed’
And let me justify mine by saying;
The quality of a movie is not judged by the appearance of it’s cassette
Just like a book cannot be read by merely peeking at its index.
So she drifted away from God cause she’s on the runway – modelling?
And a prostitute cause the size of her house compared to yours is amazingly humbling?
Ascribing her titles without proper coronation, all for a product of thoughts with no proper examination.

My society, my habitation,
Every man has a mind of his own. Understanding comes with a certain degree of knowledge and although you choose to pass judgement regardless, act as though your life’s the definition of perfect, ensure precaution cause no medicine after death.

My society, my habitation
When twins were killed, it was custom and tradition
Until Mary came and changed perception
These Blessings were termed damnation.
Be careful enough to understand…
Sometimes, mere perceptions bring about massive segregation.

To be continued…

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