My Bohemian Tryst

Cascading pleasures erupt through my loins as I fill her up with all of me and empty my seed into her majesty, she shivers uncontrollably and for a moment, I fear I’ve run her mad. Then as suddenly as her tremors began, they stop, she looks at me through dreary eyes and smiles. She falls asleep.
I’m now sitted on the floor in a corner of the hotel room and I gaze upon her Nubian beauty. From the quirks of her lips, to the curvaceous mounds on her chest down to the mind-bogging derrière. She’s my poison as I’m hers.
She got married last month, I got married two months ago. On my wedding day, even as we fucked in the back of the limo in the almost empty parking lot of the hotel where the new Mrs and I were lodged for the night, she vowed between throes of passion never to contact me again. She tried to get me to make the same promise. Heck no.
In the beginning, we should have gotten together and tried to make things work, make it a conventional relationship but we were too fucked up to survive each other and even at our first meeting, we both knew this. When you put a mixture of trust issues, low esteem, anger problems and just a dash of daddy issues, that shit is combustible.
Understand that we couldn’t just stop. We had mind-fucked each other into such deep places that stopping wasn’t even an option. Everytime we’ve met after our respective weddings has always ended with this same words I never wanna see you again. Words from her to me. Nevertheless we always find our way back to each other.
So here I am staring at her naked body, the taste of her still lingering in my mouth, her scent running my brain on overdrive. I feel the pressure in my loins build up and like a heat detecting missile, it identifies its price and who am I to deny it. I’m but a man albeit with specific needs.
I indulge myself and we run each other into the ground, getting to places we didn’t even know existed and feeling spectrums of pain and pleasure that almost have us on the brink of exhilarating insanity.
Another month, another tryst. As I’m expecting the customary I never wanna see you again, she says Leave her, let’s run away. Leave Kehinde behind and let’s be fugitives. I kiss her forehead and leave.
I’m driving home to my loving wife now. She misses me and I have to go play husband. Bless her Soul. I’ll tell her “the business conference was a huge success”. I’m running out of convincing reasonable lies.
I’m already counting the days till next month, when I’ll get to unleash a side that is more animal than man. A side only Taye can summon forth.

8 thoughts on “My Bohemian Tryst” by Ifeduyi (@Ifeduyi)

  1. fantastic √√

  2. Crafty, mind blowing, exciting, wicked!

    1. Thank you for reading :)

    1. I was going for that. Thanks for reading.

  3. This is a beautifully written story. I love that you didn’t have to explain to us the relations between the characters but with the use of subtlety using intelligently crafted words. This sentence blew me away.

    ‘She got married last month, I got married two months ago.’….

    then came the shocker…

    A side only
    Taye can summon forth……


  4. Hmmm… Even as much as I wanna admit that cheating matrimonially is bad, I must confess that there is this spark that is ignited when u r eating a stow away food if you know what I mean because “stolen waters are sweet and bread eaten in secret is pleasant”. The other woman knows how to finger the guitar and strikes the chord where she would be given the chance to strike again. @donshegs I loved your lyrical painting in this short but emphatic piece. Please do more for us.

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