The shadows creep upon the earth

as night-time swallows day,

The darkness deepens, thickening,

turning bright visions grey.

The coldness steals in stealthily,

steadily gaining ground,

while, under their comfy bushels

the Lights are sleeping sound.

Like tenuous candles flickering,

the Suns who would dispel the mist

are merely glinting, leaving sparks

like they barely exist.

But when He spoke, who formed the earth,

addressing Entropy,

the nothingness responded prompt

and performed His decree;

Though besieged by the heavy mist

He was not overwhelmed,

but order came where there was none,

Darkness fled from The Sun.

So shine then, great or little Light,

The Light resides within,

dispel this great darkness without,

that foe was conquered since.

Give the world vision with your light,

let day o’ershadow night,

for God speaks now as He did then,

“My child, let there be light!”light_in_the_dark_1920x1200

5 thoughts on “Lumos!” by Zazu (@literati)

  1. Beautiful…I love it!

    1. Thanks Jennifer

  2. Wow! I really love this.


    1. Thanks for reading. 👍🏾 Glad you like it.

  3. this is like one of the complex classics I so enjoy.
    I got the drift.

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