I miss you mum (4) story by Dindy

I miss you mum (4) story by Dindy


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I got up after my flash backs, then I looked at my barcelona wall clock. The time was 7.15, so i sluggishly got up and went to the bathroom, I pulled all my cloths, then turned on the shower.
I remembered how my life sunk, like a ship that was sunk by a whale, in the blue wide ocean of Atlantic.
…………..FLASH BACK…………
I was 13 going to 14 and life for me was easy with no stress, all I could think of was just how to eat, read, sleep, games, football and how I was gonna be with a beard..
My mum was pregnant again –my dad was a sharp shooter, him no dey slack at all [laughs]–, my little bro was now 4 years old, but he was till stubborn and naughty.
After three months, my mum belly grew bigger and my mum started eating alot and I mean ‘alot’, I guess it was because of the kid in her. She usually gets emotional unnecessary, which got me scared sometimes.
I, my mum, my dad and my bro always argue about the gender of the unborn child.
I would say “Mum it’s gonna be a girl”.
My little bro would say “[With a kid’s voice] No a boy”.
My dad would say “Yes a boy”.
My mum would say “Ah, we already have two boys, so I choose a girl”.
My dad would say “I know that it’s because junior said he wants a girl that is why you want a girl too”.
My little bro will say “[With a kid’s voice] Mummy you are cheating us oooo”. (my dad told him to say that)
My mum would laugh –My mum has an amazing laughter–.
My mum fell really sick, a week before her 9th months of pregnancy. I was really scared when she was sick, although my dad, the prayer warriors, and the church prayed for her.
I cried each time she vomited, anytime my dad was not around, I usually go sit by her side –There is nothing in this life, like the love of your mum beside you–.
The week passed away and it was time for her to goto the hospital –l would have loved it if my mum never went to that hospital–, I was not around that morning because we (my younger brother and I) went to school.
When I and my little Bro came back from school, my sweet mum was not around, my aunty told me that my dad took her to the hospital for treatment and she would soon be giving birth to the baby. I was happy to hear that part “of another child” being brought to our house, my aunty also told me that we would be visiting her on Saturday.
The weekend, came very slow which annoyed me very much because I really and truly missed my mum. All the things my teacher taught on Friday, were like non sense to my hearing because my mind was thinking of how I would see my mum the next day.
The long break bell rang and I thought it was the closing bell, so I started packing my books then stood up.
My friend beside me asked me where I was going to, I told him that I was going home, he laughed at me then said “Neil you are funny ooo, it’s not yet time for closing na”. I came back to my senses and sat down with a sad face.
After 2 hours we closed, I went home straight to ask my aunty whether we would still go the next day, lucky for me I met her on my way in. I asked her and she told me yes, but I was still unease, all through the afternoon, evening and night my mind was not settled.
Finally saturday came, I was the first to wake up and prepare because I really really loved to see my wonderful mother. My dad, bro and aunty woke up after I was done preparing.
After some hours, we were ready to go to the hospital to pay my sweet mum a visit.
While my dad was driving to the hospital, I was so uncomfortable, it was as if the car was not fast enough –Although we encountered a little traffic on the way–. My dad stopped at a super market to get something for my mum, my aunty accompanied him leaving I and my little bro in the car.
I was so annoyed sitting and waiting for my dad and aunty, they had been there for 25mins, but it felt like hours for me.
My little bro was there playing with his toy, the next thing that entered into my mind was “Why is this man and woman slow na, let them do quick so that I can see mum na”.
I was about to get down from the car to go call them, when my dad came out from the super market with my aunty.
I wasn’t thinking straight at that time, but Lucky for me I didn’t go inside the supermarket to call them, my dad would have given me a deadly knock on my head.
We got to the hospital and I was about to run inside the hospital, when I came to my senses again, I realised that i didn’t know where she might actually be.
We entered the hospital, then we went straight to her room. The hospital was our family hospital, they knew us very well and my dad usually comes there time to time to pray for people.
We went upstairs, every single step made me feel like disappearing, every single step felt like a thousand step, I was not myself again because it was a long staircase. Finally my dad stoped and turned to the left, so did followed we.
Immediately I got into the room my mum’s stayed, I went straight to hug her –A side hug not a full hug, remember she is pregnant, I didn’t want to stress her too much–. I saw her and started crying.
She said “don’t cry my superstar, as you can see I’m fine, I know you really missed me”.
I told her how much i missed her and how I have always wanted to see her, we both smiled and hugged again……to be continue….”After i have the experience with life”.
Warning this story is about to get more emotional.
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