i miss you mum (3) story by dindy

i miss you mum (3) story by dindy

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Two years later I adapted to my dad’s behaviour toward me, nothing he did or said hurts me any more –I just ignored all his unnecessary talks and behaviours–, I and my little bro became closer, but he was a pain in my butt. He was so annoying sometimes, he likes eating everything I ate.
There was a day like that, my mum went out and I went to our refrigerator to grab something. When I opened it, i grabbed an apple which my dad bought from the market.
I was about to eat it, when my little bro walked up to me and said he wanted it, I was like “c’mon go away, haven’t you eaten yours!?”.
My dad was there when I shouted at him, so my dad took the apple from my hand and gave it to my little bro. I said “oh daddy, I haven’t eaten any apple at all na”.
My dad said “shut up, he is your junior brother, you should learn how to share and give him things”.
In my mind I was like “no be only share, as if he gives me his food to share with him”.
I walked out of the kitchen and went straight to my room to relax –my little bro could drive any one nuts–.
There came a day, when I taught my little bro a lesson that he can never forgot. It all happened this way. It was a saturday, my mum and dad went to the market to get things for me and my little bro, and my aunty went to buy tea stuff, in a super market not too far from where we leaved.
My little bro was all alone with me, I went to the parlour to watch football like I always do. I turned on the tv and the dstv, then I quickly moved to my sitting positing, where I sat comfortably with no disturbance.
My little bro came out from no where, then said “[with a childish voice] dada,dada___karton karton”.
He started pointing at the tv and the dstv, I understood what he was trying to tell me, but I ignored him because I was watching my favourite football team play. –Barcelona is my best football club ever and I don’t like missing their matches at all.–
He walked up to me and did the same things again, I started getting angry because he was really disturbing me from watching the sweet football, he then took the remote from my hand.
I was surprised that a 2 years old boy could have such mind, I told him to give me the remote or else I will beat him, but he didn’t listen to me at all.
I got so annoyed that I lost control and gave him a slap on his hand, he dropped the dstv remote and started crying, I ignored him and continued watching the match.
My aunty came back and met my little bro crying, she asked me what happened, but I didn’t answer her because I was angry and at the same time my mind was focused on the match.
She said “Neil, I know it’s you that beat him, when your dad and mum comes back I will tell them”.
I said to myself “If you like, tell them, it’s non of my business [hissing]”.
God saved me that I did not say those words out, if I could have talked back at her, she would have given me a nuclear slap that will burst my ear drums.
My mum and dad came back after an hour later, they were both tired and weak, I knew my dad would kill me and I was totally sure that not even my mum could save me, from the pain my dad was going to give me.
My aunty told my parent about what happened. I was in my room when I heard a knock.
“Oh my God, I am dead today”, so i said to myself.
The door opened and the person I saw was my mum (wow I was relaxed), my mum came in and sat at the edge of my bed, then she placed her hand on my hand
She said to me “Neil my lovely son –My mum knows how to tease me so much–, i know you didn’t mean to beat your junior brother, but you have to understand that he is still a kid and kids act annoyingly-funny sometimes. Always remember that you were once like your little brother and also remember that you have only one little brother, no one can replace him if he goes away forever.”
After she said those words, all my angry turned to a soft cold ice cream, I started crying –my mum knows how to weaken me–, i fell on her laps and cried, she pampered me.
I later went to meet my little bro to ask him to forgive me, I know it sounds funny because how could one be asking a 2 years old kid for forgiveness, but well I did and after that, me and my little bro hugged.
Since that day til now, he respects and loves me more than ever ……..To be continue….. “After that maximum control of your soul”.
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  1. Jon Doe (@just2day)

    Sometimes it does take a mean spirited act to bring 2 together.

    anyone not ‘any one’
    lived not leaved
    nowhere not ‘no where’

    With trepidation i look to the next episode knowing Mum will be gone sooner or later

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